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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Using evian® Facial Spray for the Big Day. Your Wedding Day that is. #evianspray

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 So you are getting married? It is still hot out even though it is September. The sun is beating down on you and all you can think about is some refreshment. In the form of a cooling mist. Something to keep the makeup from melting off of your face. What is a girl to do? Grab some evian® spray! evian® is the perfect thing that will help keep a bride fresh as a daisy in this situation. You can even spray it over your hair to revive a wilted hairstyle. She can spritz some on her face and keep her makeup looking fresh. She can even spray some in her underarms too, to keep them fresh as well. Any area that is perspiring can use some freshening up via evian® spray. The spray is called the Facial Spray, it's generally used for the facial area. There are medium and full size canisters available too. But you can use it anywhere you need to feel fresh. Keep it in the refrigerator to keep it cool so that in the heat you will have the full effect of its cooling abilities. No worrying about perspiration. Facial flush will quickly disappear with a spray of evian®! Be sure to have a canister in the lounge goodie basket. Guests will all enjoy evian® Facial Spray’s beneficial cooling mist.
Also, makeup artists use evian® spray to help set makeup. After applying color cosmetics, a quick circular spray of its fine mist evens out complexion and creates a smooth, airbrushed look. evian® spray’s unique balance of minerals and neutral 7.2 pH make it the perfect product for all skin types.

Most of all- enjoying the honeymoon- the travel-size spray is TSA approved and perfect for on-board air travel where there is no moisture! Spray it  on the plane at various intervals to keep your skin moist. On the plane there is zero moisture and your skin becomes dehydrated quite easily. This way you can keep it hydrated and keep it from becoming too dry. When I mean spray, I mean spray often, like every half-hour. This way you will feel so much better when you get off the plane. Trust me on this one. evian® spray can be purchased online at www.evianspray.com

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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