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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: Dessange Color Restore Shampoo, Conditioner & Top Coat Serum Treatment #Dessange #ColorRestore

(product photos courtesy of www.target.com/bp/dessange)

Over the years I have tried my share of hair care products. Recently I got to try out a brand from France called Dessange. It is available at Target in the United States. Dessange is a mass market brand in France. I tried out their Color Protecting Shampoo, Conditioner and Top Coat Serum. Below you can read my review of these three products.

 8.5 fl.oz./250mL $9.99
Dessange Color Restorative Shampoo protects color treated hair and brings shine to hair. This formula has Vitamin E and UV filters to help protect and make your tresses beautiful. It is for color treated hair specifically. The Salon Color Restore protecting system helps protect your color. For all hair types, shine enhancing, smoothing and with color protection. 

I found this shampoo to definitely help keep my color in longer than other regular shampoos. It is a good shampoo to have around if your hair is color treated. It holds color in longer than a regular shampoo would. Use this and your color will last longer. Use in conjunction with the conditioner and Top Coat Serum. 

6.7 fl.oz./200mL $9.99
Dessange Color Restore Conditioner helps to detangle and restore the hair fiber to a smooth and shiny texture, all while helping to keep your color in your hair. The Salon Color Restore protecting system helps protect your color and bring shine to your hair. This formula has Vitamin E and UV filters to protect your hair from the sunlight. It is for all hair types but definitely for color treated hair. It is a shine enhancing formula. 

I like this conditioner a lot and think it does a good job of conditioning hair and helping to keep color in the hair at the same time. Most conditioners wash color out but this one keeps color in and at the same time makes hair soft and shiny. 

3.4 fl.oz./100mL $11.99
The Dessange Color Restore Top Coat Serum Treatment is a protecting system that helps keep color in and brings shine to the hair. The formula has Vitamin E and UV filters to protect the hair from sunlight. It is designed for color treated hair but can be used on any hair type. To use, apply 2-3 dime size drops to your hair. Delicately massage the serum with your fingertips to nourish your color treated hair. This serum protects hair color from fading with special UV filters. Serums may be the secret weapon of your hair care routine because they use highly concentrated ingredients to protect strands from damage. Dessange's Top Coat Serum is a great choice for color treated hair because of the Vitamin E and UV filers that protect hair from the sun's oxidizing rays. Rub a few drops between the palms of your hands, then apply to clean, damp hair from the bottom half to the tips. Use this serum the next time you are headed out in the sun. It will help lengthen the life of your hair color and add natural looking shine. Color treated hair is more prone to damage. Keep your hair safe by using a deep conditioning mask once a week for extra hydration and less breakage.

These products are available at www.target.com and Target stores nationwide.  

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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