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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review: essence cosmetics autumn/winter 2016-2017 #essence #cosmetics #waterproof #essencecosmetics

(photos courtesy of www.essencemakeup.com)

I tried out items from the essence cosmetics Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 Collection and some items that are from their regular collection. Below are my reviews of the items I tried out. I love this brand. Not only do they make great cosmetics that are affordable but they make some of the best items on the market in their category. They have unbelievable items. Just great cosmetics. If you have never tried essence before, then I implore you to try it out now. It is a great line. What are you waiting for?

Intensify your eye shadow color with this long-lasting light rose eye shadow base that helps eye shadow look as great all day long as when you first applied it. I love this base. It really does help eye shadow stay on all day long. The base is easy to apply, dries quickly and does not show up under eye shadow. It is one of the best bases I have used for eye shadows. In all the photos below I am wearing this eye shadow base. It really does work quite well and I am very happy with it.

These soft, long-lasting velvety textured eye shadows glide onto lids comfortably and can easily be blended, built up or varied in intensity ranging from sheer to full coverage. They come in 9 shades. I tried 3 of them: you better mauve, Mr. mocca bean and fluffy clouds. The colors work to together to create great looks. They are all color coordinated.  But they are very pigmented and go on smoothly. I find them pretty creamy for matte shadows. See below for the look I did with them. 

above: wearing essence the velvets eyeshadows in you better mauve, Mr. mocca bean and fluffy clouds.

above: wearing essence the velvets eyeshadows in you better mauve, Mr. mocca bean and fluffy clouds.

Eyeliner perfectionists, rejoice! Pull off ultra long lasting and high coverage eyeliner looks with this special applicator that is safe and easy to use. Also available in a non-waterproof version. This makes putting on eyeliner, and getting the perfect winged look, easy as pie. I love how easy to use this eyeliner is. It goes on smoothly, with perfection and has great pigmentation. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome. Below are some photos of me wearing DIP eyeliner waterproof.

above: wearing DIP eyeliner waterproof

above: wearing DIP eyeliner waterproof

Precise and extremely long-lasting eyeliner styles are easier than ever to create with this thin felt-tipped smudge and waterproof pen. Waterproof without any stain effect, any line you create from subtle to dramatic will remain intact. This is also a great eyeliner but has a more fine line to it than the DIP eyeliner. It is superfine, and can the line can be thickened. It creates great cat eye effects. This eyeliner also is waterproof and lasts all day long. It is pretty awesome too. Below are some photos of me wearing this liner.

above: wearing Superfine eyeliner pen waterproof

above: wearing Superfine eyeliner pen waterproof

Black to basics! Create your favorite classic line with a high-shine finish. The easy-to-use brush glides seamlessly across lids for a flawless look. This eyeliner is high is pigmentation and looks amazing on. It makes for a great classic look, winged look or a cat eye. Do your flick. Look great all day long, because this liner will last all day long. 

The ultra-pigmented and ultra-versatile khôl liner you love in black is now available in white and brown. Use the pointed tip as a precise eyeliner, rotate to the side of the cone to swipe over the lid as an eyeshadow for an intense, smokey look. It glides on smoothly and conic shape of the tip eliminates the need fo a sharpener. Now available in 3 shades: black, white and brown. I tried white. White liner makes a good look with gray or taupe shadows. It opens up the eyes and makes them look larger. You can also use this on the lower lid or on the waterline. It lasts a long time, much longer than most liners do. Below I have some photos of me wearing the liner on my upper lids. On my lower lids I am wearing the smokey eye pencil in black.

above: wearing smokey 2-in-1 khol liner

above: wearing smokey 2-in-1 khol liner

Smokey eyes that will take your breath away are easier than ever before to create with these pencils. The integrates sponge applicator makes the waterproof, soft texture easy to blend for a look that will last. These pencils are soft, easy to apply and last forever. They are waterproof, so they will last all day long. Create a great smokey eye in 4 shades. I tried back to black. This one creates a very smokey eye. Use the sponge applicator end to blend in the liner and smudge it to create the smokey effect. Boom! You have your trendy eye look and it is rockin'. 

This is an awesome set. This foolproof kit contains all you need to shape, define and fill brows. Simply use the stencils to get your perfect shape, mix the two shades for your ideal color, then apply using the slanted brush. It comes in two shades: blonde and brunette. I tried brunette. I am a redhead but I usually use brown or brunette colored brow products for my brows, mainly because it is difficult to find auburn brow products. I like this little kit. What I really like are the stencils that are included. This kit is small. Very small. You wouldn't think they could fit stencils in but they did. The stencils allow you to experiment with different shaped brows. And the brunette color is not bad. I can mix or use just one of the colors on my brows to get what I need. What a great little kit for such a nice price. 

This creamy eye pencil creates magic effects on the eye with its metallic finish. It creates long-lasting and bold eye looks in the 4 beautiful colors it comes in. I tried it in gold-digger. It is gorgeous on. The color just illuminates the eyes. These are good for all eye colors because they help bring out flecks of color in each eye shade. And the pencil is creamy yet long-lasting.

The rebel sister of Forbidden Volume Mascara features a chaotic fiber brush to further boost lashes for an intensely voluminous look. Get tons of volume and don't spend a fortune. This mascara is awesome, I love how well this performs and how long this lasts. In all of the photos above I am wearing this mascara.

With these longlasting lipliner pencils you are allowed to accurately trace the contours of your lips, giving you your best lip shape. The soft, creamy texture provides intense and long-lasting color that will not streak. It is also retractable for easy touch-ups when you are on the go. Available in 9 shades. I tried lovely frappuccino (a creamy nude pink brown). I love this lip liner because not only is it easy to use, it lasts forever but it is also very creamy. I would not consider it waterproof but it is darn close to it. This is one of the best lip liners I have ever used. I would love to see more colors of this product.

This balm lipgloss has a high shine texture and leaves a beautiful color finish on the lips. Enriched with shea butter and Vitamin E, a soft and pampered pout without any stickiness is now possible! This is available in 5 shades. I tried Sweet Dreams, a bright light peach. I like how this makes the lips feel. It is completely different than anything I've ever used before. It makes your lips feel like butter: soft and supple.

This lightweight lip oil has a very light texture that instantly melts and leaves lips with a subtle shiny finish and sweet taste. The formula contains jojoba oil, which ensures that lips are moisturized and smooth lips without any stickiness. Available in 3 shades. I tried SOS, My Heart (a light pretty red red that goes on clear). 

There are so many other wonderful new things out this year from essence cosmetics. They have so much new stuff I cannot name it all here. All you have to do is go to www.essencemakeup.com to see it all. essence cosmetics can be purchased at www.essencemakeup.com, Ulta Beauty, Shoppers Drug Mart and Fred Meyer and at many other places around the world. I know I like to get my hands on it when I visit Greece. What I love about essence is their dedication to putting out quality cosmetics at such reasonable prices. Like essence cosmetics on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/essence.north.america; Follow essence cosmetics on Twitter: @essence_US; Subscribe to essence on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/essencecosmetics; Follow essence cosmetics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/essence_cosmetics#; Follow essence cosmetics on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/essencecosmetic/ and Follow essence cosmetics on Tumblr: http://essence-cosmetics.tumblr.com/

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These items were sent for consideration)



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