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Monday, October 10, 2016

Review: Götz Bad Ischl Facial Tonic #GotzFacialTonic

(product photo courtesy of www.drgotz.com)

2 fl.oz./60mL $35.00
This facial tonic has been specially formulated for oily or blemished skin. A clarifying toner, it balances excessive oiliness, soothes redness and minimizes the appearance of blemishes, blackhead and enlarged pores. The formula contains a good number of botanicals. Daisy and nasturtium minimize the appearance of blackheads and blemishes, visibly refine pores and reduce excessive oiliness. Anthyllis balances skin for a calm, even appearance. It also contains Bad Ischl spring water (for which the product is named). This water is rich in oxygen, exotic mineral and trace elements, and the water double cleanses skin, minimizes pores and restore skin's natural balance, improves blood circulation, enhances skin immunity and its natural resilience. The facial tonic contains healing properties of plush flowers, yellow calendula, hops and witch hazel extract to effectively moisturize, soothe and calm skin, promote wound healing and the following subsequent absorption of nutrients.

To use, after cleansing in the morning and evening wipe evenly onto face and neck. Then gently press into the skin. This clarifying toner is a refreshing, soothing after shave for men with sensitive skin too. 

This product has been certified 100% organic and/or natural skincare. Certified to AT-BIO-301 (Austria Bio Garantie Zertifizierte Bio-Kosmetik). It is free from mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEGs. This product is also vegan. It has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. It has never been tested on animals. 

I found this to be a very effective toner for my blemishes. Just lately I had blemished skin when I got back from my trip to Greece. I started a round of antibiotics, but I also used this to help with my acne breakouts. This helps keep the pores clean of dead skin cells and sebum that would clog up the pores (hair follicles). It also calms the skin and helps with the redness associated with acne  blemishes. Oiliness is calmed and skin is balanced. 

It also comes in a tonic for dry skin. There is also an Oxygen Facial Serum and an Oxygen Facial Mask. The price for the product is not listed on the website. The products can be ordered at http://amzn.to/2d4EtWs.It is $35.00.


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