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Monday, November 7, 2016

Review: Cora Organic Tampons #Cora #OrganicTampons #Tampons #fearlessperiod

(product photos courtesy of www.cora.life)

Cora Signature Kit
Cora Organic Tampons are like nothing you have experienced before. This is something new to the feminine hygiene market. Yes, there are tampons out there but these are a little bit different. Cora regards the female body as an intricate ecosystem. Your vaginal tissue is delicate and absorbent. Which is why they regard a woman's tampon choice as an essential health decision. And they believe that the feminine care industry lacks regulation. Women don't get the full picture on the products they use. Both the materials and chemicals commonly found in most tampons, and the effects on a woman's body, are largely hidden from consumers. Which is why Cora believes women deserve better. Cora believes every woman on the planet has the right to period products that perform without harming her body. Their aim is to offer women the safest, purest tampons in the world without sacrificing performance.

The Cora Cause:
What if every woman and girl had a safe and effective way to manage her period? With over 100 million girls lacking access to adequate menstrual products around the globe, causing them to miss schooldays during their period (which can often lead to dropping out by age of 14). Cora wants to turn "what if" into reality. How? For every month's supply of Cora you receive, they give a month's supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she do anything during her period.

Cora is turning a global period crisis into a sustainable solution. Many people ask them if the products they give the girls in India are the same as the ones they sell. No, they give something better. Instead of sending products abroad, which can undermine the local economy, they partner with social enterprise organizations that are revolutionizing period management. The shared goal: to empower women and girls in need. 

Did you know that 355 million Indian women and girls menstruate on a monthly basis? However only 12% have access to sanitary napkins. 200 million have a poor understanding of menstrual hygiene and related healthcare. One in four Indian girls drops out of school when she gets her period.

They have partnered with some of the leading organizations in the global movement for accessible menstrual hygiene products within developing communities. Every sanitary pad is all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable, plus they are produced in small-scale manufacturing units in rural villages an urban slums to support the local economy and employ the women who live there.

Your period is a natural process, not something to be stigmatized. After all, it's an essential part of human life. That is why Cora believes "that time of the month" should be never be a source of shame, harm or uncertainty. (Also: excessively pink packaging.) And it should never keep a girl from getting her education. They are committed to gibing all women access to safe and effective period products as well as valuable and trustworthy information to educate and empower. It is time to transform the experience of having a period. And make sure no woman or girl is left behind by her biology. 

Cora Organic Tampons comes in a subscription package. First, it asks how many tampons you use every month and then will tell you how many you will need for a 3 month subscription. So your price will be based on this. For example, if you only use 6 tampons every month then you only need 18 tampons for every 3 months. Then you pick your absorbency. You can pick All Regular or All Super. You can either pay monthly, every 3 months or for a year's supply. For 6 tampons per month, at 18 tampons every 3 months with Al Regular absorbency it comes to $9 per month, $8 a month/paid every 3 months which comes to $24 or $7 a month/paid yearly which comes to $84. If we do 18 tampons a month then you can choose from either All Regular, All Super, Mostly Regular + Some Super or Mostly Super + Some Regular. For example, I chose Mostly Super + Some Regular in this case. It came to $15 per month, $13 every 3 months/$39 total and $12 per month for the year/$139 total. These are just two examples. If you go to the Get Product page and figure out what exactly you are looking for yourself, you can get the price you want. 

In the first package you receive the following Signature Kit (as seen at the top):
  • Premium Organic Tampons
  • Chic Storage Container
  • Vegan Leather Clutch
  • Tampons Packaged to Share
Every 3 months you receive your refill kit which has the following:
  • 3 month supply of tampons 
  • Additional tampons packaged to share
Refill your clutch and storage container and never be caught without tampons again. Here is a photo of the Refill Kit:

Here are photos of everything you get in the Signature Kit (as seen at top):
Cora Little Black Box

Cora Vegan Leather Clutch

Cora Stowaway Tampons

Cora Tampons

From my own experience, these are just like any regular tampon. They work just as well, if not better than the other brands. I felt comfortable using one. They have a plastic applicator, which is nice and comfortable. Believe me, most women feel more comfortable using plastic applicators. They absorb nicely. I felt comfortable using them for a good number of hours. There wasn't any leaking. I tried our the Regular and Super sizes. I like the Super better. I like that they are organic. It makes me feel better knowing that there are no chemicals, that there is nothing harmful inside me. I would definitely like using these on a regular basis. They are a little bit more expensive than regular tampons, yes but you are getting a better product and you are getting a company that gives back and cares about the world too. 

Cora Organic Tampons are available online at www.cora.life. Like Cora on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/corawomen/; Follow Cora on Twitter:@corawomen; Follow Cora on Pinterest:https://www.pinterest.com/corawomen/ and Follow Cora on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/corawomen/

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Marie Papachatzis
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