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Friday, February 17, 2017

Guest Post: Razor Cuts with Donald Scott NYC #DonaldNYC #Hair #RazorCuts

Guest Post: Razor Cuts with Donald Scott NYC

When it comes to cutting hair, the tool options are vast and diverse. A properly trained hairstylist who uses the right tools to cut hair is able to transform a person’s hair into a style that’s truly special. This is something that Donald Scott NYC figured out early in his career. With the proper tools, curls develop added bounce and become light while layers are weightless and hair starts to move. Hair also becomes touchable and simple to style. One haircutting tool that is often overlooked and misunderstood is the straight razor.

Sharper than Other Cutting Tools

When hairstylists use a straight razor developed by Donald Scott NYC, he or she will be using a tool that’s capable of slicing through hair with much less tension than other cutting instruments. However, this is also a tool that becomes dull more quickly than shears, so it must be sharpened frequently to avoid creating split ends. Interchangeable blades are another split end avoiding option. Stylists who choose to cut with this type of instrument are able to use a new blade for every client.

Ideal for Different Cutting Techniques

As long as a sharp straight razor is used, the tool is ideal for creating texture, thinning out the hair and removing excess bulk. These cutting techniques are typically used on curly hair. However, hairstylists can also use razors to cut length, form blunt lines and add weight to hair. Razors support versatility. The tool also allows for detail work. Sharp blades glide through hair as they create definition. A razor allows a stylist to create soft, beautiful movement in all kinds of hair.

Donald Scott NYC

Donald Scott is a renowned hairstylist with years of training. He developed his own line of hair cutting tools upon discovering a lack of them in the industry, making it easy for other stylists to embrace his “Free Form Precision” cutting techniques. For instance, hairstylists can use Scott’s Carving Comb Fine as shears or to shape, cut and decrease bulk. This allows for cutting spontaneity as well as complete control. Scott’s Chop Stik Pro Razor is another helpful cutting tool. This one features a tapered end, which makes it ideal for weaving and segmenting hair. The DS/X4 Razor is one of Donald Scott’s guarded razors. This one is shorter than others are to ensure that stylists are able to create safe and precise cuts.

Expressing Individuality with a Straight Razor

Along with providing stylists with the means to create volume and texture, a straight razor is also ideal for smoothing out an area that bumps. To remove this type of blemish, the stylist can just glide over it with the razor. This cutting technique eliminates the unneeded weight. A straight razor is best for clients who want the messy bedhead look. For this look, the stylist will need to slide the razor along the hair from the shortest section to the longest one, creating volume in the front area of a client’s hair.

This same method should be used to develop faux hawks, which require added texture. While cutting with a straight razor can be intimidating, stylists who embrace the tool give themselves more options. In fact, using razor-based tools are exciting for many hairstylists because they can incorporate these tools to become unique, making him or her a more sought after stylist.

The Right Haircutting Tools Make All the Difference

With haircutting tools like the straight razor from Donald Scott NYC, stylists are able to give their clients the precise, safe cuts they desire. Not only do Scott’s haircutting tools make precision in styling easy, but they also allow for creative freedom.


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