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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts: House of Matriarch Perfumes #HouseofMatriarch #perfumes #ValentinesDay

(product photo courtesy of www.matriarch.biz)

Nature is the Ultimate Luxury

The "nose" behind this niche perfume house is Christi Meshell. She is the creatrix of all of the perfumes at House of Matriarch and makes bespoke fragrances for the house. Niche perfume houses are popping up everywhere these days it seems, as people want to have perfumes and fragrances that they can call their own or almost their own. They want scents so exotic, evocative, innovative and alluring that the large perfume houses just are not paying attention right now. The small houses have seen the trend from the internet and maybe they started off on Etsy or eBay and blossomed into full blown fragrance houses from there. 

I was particularly drawn to House of Matriarch after reading about them online. The names and types of scents they had drew me to them. I received an order of 4 scents, all to have fun and get to know. You can get sample scents to try out, 1mL is $13.00. Or you can get a larger size, 15mL is $120.00 and 50mL is $330.00. No, this is not the least expensive perfume on the market. But it is made with the best ingredients. And each scent lasts a very long time on the wearer. 

Here are the four scents I tried:

Destiny-created to combat the dark Seattle winters, this is sunshine in a bottle. A bouquet of feel good botanical essences such as jasmine and oakmoss, which have been known throughout time to elevate the spirit. I can faintly smell the jasmine but the oakmoss is stronger and there are other strong notes, more in the base really, such as musk or amber. 

Sex Magic- A blend of thirteen varieties of cedar, exotic sandalwood and a touch of oud. Definitely vivid and sonorous, these woods sing with the ancient resonant voice of the aboriginal didgeridoo. These aromatics hearken back thousands of years and their smoky tones play upon the collective unconsciousness of the wearer. They feel distinctly Tantric in their power. Gandhi root and leather add drama, depth and other great silage. I found this perfume to be very strong and almost masculine in nature. I can see why it's called Sex Magic. It is hot and sexy in nature. If two people were wearing it together, they would definitely be feeling nice towards each other. The scent starts out strong but fades to a light woody scent that is even lighter than Destiny. It is playful and fun. I love Sex Magic. I will wear it on its own. 

Trillium-is like an invitation to an enchanted tea party. Steeped in a long and noble history, this tea and white floral fantasy fragrance was brewed to capture the spirit of the elusive Great White Trillium flower. Fresh in its unfolding, tart notes from rooibos, exotic flares from aglaia and mimosa add a touch of coffee flower meld, as double blooming Roman chamomile dances above. This perfume can only be described as a green floral. It has floral notes but also notes from the green herbal notes that it takes on too. That does not mean it is not good. I just want to prepare you. It says light floral on the perfume. I really think it is a green herbal floral. This is a springtime fragrance that could be worn on any fresh spring day.

Coco Blanc- The Gourmand Gold Standard is an irresistible vanilla musk. The perfume explorer does not need to be fan of the exotic nice of fragrances to enjoy this perfume. It is a universally loves accord of the highest quality noble materials which are lactonic, vanillic and warmly appealing to almost everyone. Not overly sweet like mainstream gourmands, Coco Blanc is exceptionally long-lasting on the skin and perfectly unisex in the dry down, finishing with soft woods and spicy organic vanilla. This I could definitely see as being a unisex fragrance. It is almost all vanilla, but not in a feminine way. It is masculine too. Somehow she was able to make vanilla suitable for men and women that was sexy as the same time. This scent is very, very sexy. It is irresistible too. I don't think I would be able to get any work done if I wore this all day, it smells so good. It has to be one of her top sellers. 

There are other perfumes at House of Matriarch. Some are standard and some are coming soon. I was very happy with my choice of scents that were sent to me and how they smelled, as well as how long they lasted the day. Boy, they lasted the day.

House of Matriarch is sold online at www.matriarch.biz. Like House of Matriarch on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/HouseofMatriarch/ ; Follow House of Matriarch on Twitter:@HouseofMatriarc; Follow House of Matriarch on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/houseofmatriarc/?etslf=1140&eq=house%20of%20matriarch and Follow House of Matriarch on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/houseofmatriarch/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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