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Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Dr. John Zannis Rinnova Renaissance Day/Night Moisturizer #Rinnova #RenaissanceMoisturizer

(product photo courtesy of www.zannisplasticsurgery.com)

1.7 fl.oz./50mL 
$58.95 (one time purchase)/ $56.00 (subscription)

Dr. John Zannis, a renowned plastic surgeon, began his quest for the ultimate face cream several years ago. After trial and error, intense research, and working with the best skincare chemists in the world, Rinnova Skincare was born. He worked on the line and came up with the formula for the Renaissance Day/Night Cream. The Renaissance Day/Night Cream is a proprietary formula of all-natural botanicals and hydropeptides that are designed to instantly erase wrinkles (through hydration) and restore your skin’s lifecycle to a younger state. The anti-oxidant properties protect your skin from further damage due to the aging process and sun exposure. Wrinkles caused by chronically dehydrated and sun-damaged skin are instantly improved (within 1 hr) by at least 7% according to clinical studies.
skin before and after Renaissance Day/Night Cream
Never before has a simple face cream revolutionized the science and practice of anti-aging skin care like Rinnova has. Celebrities are amazed at the efficacy of the ingredients used in their Renaissance Day/Night Moisturizer and Dr. Oz featured the key ingredient (proprietary biosphere) as a miracle cure for wrinkles. It has a clinically-proven anti-aging formula of all-natural botanicals that is soft and non-greasy.  This cream is suitable for men and women of all skin types.  Its benefits are:  immediate hydration that will instantly reduce wrinkles while other active ingredients like hydropeptides and antioxidants rejuvenate and protect your skin from further photodamage. 
Dr. Zannis attributes much of his success to what they call their "Dynamic Duo", which is the Renaissance Day/Night Moisturizer and the Limu Foaming Cleansing Gel (sold together for $84.50). The Limu Foaming Cleansing Gel was made as a supplement to the face cream. Like all of Rinnova Skincare's products, the foundation is a natural botanical extract, in this case algae from seaweed, augmented by science. Rinnova is considered one of the most rapidly growing physician-created skincare lines.
I was very happy with the sample of the Renaissance Day/Night Cream I received. The cream is very light, it would be great for oily skin too. I think it is better as a night cream since it does not contain a SPF, and I always wear a SPF during the day. It is light enough that you could use this and apply a light SPF on top if you wanted to do so. I do not have any wrinkles, so I cannot report on its ability to reduce wrinkles, but I do like how well it moisturizes and hydrates the skin. My skin has started to get drier over the years, even in summer. I do not produce as much sebum as I used to and therefore I need a stronger moisturizer. This one is quite good and it sinks into the skin, leaving it feeling as soft as silk. The line does have a SPF30 available separately that can be applied over the cream, it retails for $28.95.
Rinnova Skincare is sold online at www.rinnovaskincare.com. It has been featured on television shows such as "Dr. Oz" and "The Doctors". It has also been featured in People magazine and USA Today
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