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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Review: Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion for Men #Baldwin #MoisturizingLotion

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3.4 fl.oz./100mL $19.95
A few months ago I wrote about Baldwin Nourishing Cream for Men. Today I am writing about Baldwin Moisturizing Lotion for Men. This lotion comes in a large tube, smells wonderful, like a forest, and contains the following; Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils that will help keep your man's face and skin from feeling and looking too dry. The Dead Sea Minerals are the true power of the earth from the lowest place in the world the minerals of the Dead Sea can do magic for your skin. It was important for them to make the formula with Dead Sea minerals to empower the natural effects that the minerals have on the skin to create the best face moisturizer for men. You don’t need to fly to get those minerals anymore you have it right here with the Baldwin Best Face Moisturizing lotion. As part of their system, they use only natural oils that they hand pick to revitalize and repair the damage men face on the skin. They use Argan oil, Jojoba, African Shea Oil, and Centella Asiatica from the tender leaves of the Centella plant. This is a special plant that is actually know for it's reparation properties to the skin.

This lotion makes skin feel soft to the touch. Soft like a baby's botttom. With all the nautral minerals the earth has to offer.  They also use natural ingredients to make a lasting sexy scent just for men, that will linger with them all day. It is made just for men. They understand a man's face and how it will be affected by shaving and the elements. With their natural and special formula for men they address those special needs. It is a skin lotion that is not made with harmful parabens. The natural oils are quickly absorbed by the skin and will guard it from the effects of the elements. The damage from wind and sun as well as pollutants. In the form of vitamin E and C, it will stop free radicals in it's tracks. Saving the skin from premature wrinkling and creases. As well as saving it from drying out. It will moisturize the skin with Dead Sea Minerals leaving it looking fresh as the morning dew. This is their secret to create the best face moisturizer for men. Glycerin: This keeps the skin moisturized on a deep level and protects the skin from contaminants and organisms that cause damage to the skin. Allantoin: This is a natural chemical compound produces by living organisms which provides a soothing effect on the skin. If you shave and chafe yourself, then you won't feel it. It's an anti-irritant and a natural healer. Argan Oil - An unusual oil, produced from nuts grown just in Morocco, which nourishes the hair and the scalp with wetness. African Shea Oil - This oil is actually known for anti aging and is hypoallergenic. It slows the aging process of the skin so your skin looks and feels younger. Centella Asiatica - This is the extract from the Centella Asiatica leaves. It is known for deep skin renewal for it's anti aging benefits. It can even repair injuries.

My husband used this product and liked it very much. He has normal skin and said it made his skin very nice and hydrated. It left it very normal and not oily at all. The scent was not overpowering and it faded by the end of the day but was not too strong to begin with. He liked the way it sunk into the skin when applied. He liked this better than the Baldwin Nourishing Cream. 

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Marie Papachatzis

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  1. Well said! Most people don’t stop to think about the important things when it comes to skincare… ingredients and simplicity of routine. If it’s not simple, it won’t be sustainable. Consistency over time is what gets results. Body Scrub Soap


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