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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

SEPHORA: Service Has Gone Downhill..

I am hopping mad. On November 17, 2017 I placed an order with SEPHORA. I was never told there would be a delay. I kept waiting for my order to ship. Then I see that orders were being delayed due to an excessive volume of orders.

On November 27, 2017 I still had not received my order so I called and received a message saying they had too many calls, please call back later and they hung up on me. I mentioned on Facebook that I was having problems and was told by a friend that she too was having problems with an order. 

The next day I called back and finally reached someone.  I was told that I would not receive my order until, get this, December 5, 2017. That is 19 days past the day that I placed the order. 19 days. I honestly don’t think I ever want to place an order with SEPHORA ever again. I can get almost everything I want at other outlets. The only thing is that I was ordering some items I could not get elsewhere. I’m very, very frustrated with them and feel this is WAY too long for an online order in 2017!!!!

Don’t you? If you are also having problems with www.sephora.com, please let me know. 
Thank you.
Happy Holidays!

Marie Papachatzis 


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