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Sunday, January 28, 2018

GUEST POST: Practical Uses for Lavender Oil Around The Home by #guestpost #lavenderoil #practicaluses

Practical Uses for Lavender Oil around the Home

Lavender oil is extracted by the distillation method from the flower spikes of the lavender herb. The oil is a popular essential oil with a fresh, floral and uplifting fragrance. With its wonderful scent, it is widely used in aromatherapy and various skincare products. The uses of lavender oil are innumerable and this makes it the perfect multipurpose essential oil.
Lavender oil is a versatile oil and offers a range of benefits for the skin and hair. A look at the benefits and you are sure to stock a bottle of the amazing lavender oil in your cabinet. Listed below are a few of the magical benefits of this essential oil.
Beautiful Skin:
Lavender oil is renowned for its skin enhancing properties. The oil possesses the ability to nourish the skin and unravel its real glow. The oil is used in various skincare products and a few drops of the oil can be added to your regular shampoo, lotions and soap to increase their effectiveness.
It has excellent skin-clarifying properties and the essential oil can be used to get a smooth and supple skin. It makes the perfect natural remedy for dry skin. However, before you begin to use the oil, be sure to test it on a small patch of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the oil before use.
Refreshing aroma:
Lavender oil is known for its relaxing properties. The oil can be used to make an uplifting massage blend. With its invigorating aroma, the oil can relax your body. The fragrance is divine and its calming abilities are simply amazing.
Gorgeous hair:
With its multitudinous benefits, lavender oil can be used for all types of hair with fabulous results. The oil can be combined with regular shampoo and conditioner for beautiful hair.  If you are looking for a natural remedy for shiny and nourished hair, lavender oil is ideal.
Natural Repellent:
The essential oil makes a natural insect repellent which is absolutely safe and effective. Diffuse it in the air and it will keep mosquitoes and bugs away. You can place lavender-oil-infused cotton balls in your closet to keep moths at bay.
Freshener and Deodoriser:
Use lavender oil in your laundry and your clothes will remain fresh and floral smelling. You can mix a few drops into your bath or make your own body scrub for a hint of the sweet floral scent on your body.  Or you can dab a few drops on the wrists and behind your ears to smell and feel great.
Spice Up Your Living Room:
In case you are throwing a party, keep some lavender oil in the oil burner of your living room. The fragrant aromas will keep your guests in good spirits and they’ll be thoroughly impressed. You can also occasionally use it to freshen up the interiors of your home.
Unwind with Lavender Oil:
Use lavender oil to pamper your senses. Put in a few drops of the oil in your bath or just soak in your tired feet and voila, you will come out of the shower fresh as a flower. You will immediately experience boundless peace and tranquillity.
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