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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Review: CPharmax Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream #CPharmax #AntiWrinkle #AntiAging

(product photo courtesy of www.cpharmax.com)

1 fl.oz./30mL $99.00
CPharmax Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream was developed by a cosmetic dermatologist and by physicians. It is a very effective anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream whose active ingredients promote rejuvenation of the skin by enhancing metabolism and collagen synthesis while keeping your skin moisturized. It effectively reduces fine wrinkles and helps your skin look young and beautiful. This product is light sensitive. For best results, the company suggests using it at night before going to sleep. Avoid exposure to the sun and use sunscreen of at least a SPF30 during outdoor activities. 

The reason this product is light sensitive is because this product contains Retinol, which in certain forms is very sensitive to light. Retinol is one of the best anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ingredients there is on the market. It really helps to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, discolorations and uneven skin. Retinol is kind of a 'do-all' anti-aging ingredient. But it is best used at night when not in a stable form. This is why it has to be kept in a light sensitive container and you need to use at least a SPF30 during the day. Otherwise, you undo all the work the Retinol has done during the night. The sun causes photodamage to the skin, even during the winter and it will literally undo all the work the Retinol has done during the night before. If you are going to spend this kind of money on a product, you want to make sure it is working and you do not want to waste your money, have it go down the drain by causing more damage to your skin. Other great ingredients in this product include: glycerin (moisturizer), avocado oil (soothing, moisturizing), aloe vera leaf extract (calming), Vitamin C (anti-aging, pigmentation, anti-oxidant) and Clary Sage Oil (calming and soothing). The ingredient that I am most interested in is the Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). That is one of the better anti-aging ingredients. It helps with discolorations of the skin, such as melasma, age spots and hyperpigmentation. 

To apply this product, start at the nose and gently massage around the nose and under the eyes. Then work around the cheeks and the forehead. Finally, do the chin and then work your way down to the neck and gently massage the neck. Massaging the cream in helps to bring blood to the surface of the skin and helps the cream to absorb better. 

This cream does a pretty good job of helping out the skin. It has good ingredients, which is always a good start. Add the right kind of packaging and you have a good product. The product does not say with whom it was developed, just that it was developed by a cosmetic dermatologist. But I had good luck with this product. It worked well for me. The Retinol was not too strong, as I am used to using a Retinol product. If it is too strong for you, move back to every other day. You will know if you start to see irritation or redness and flakning. I experienced a nice smoothness of the skin, lessening of pigmentation and all around 'glow' to my skin.

CPharmax Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream is available from www.cpharmax.com. It retails for $99.00.

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Marie Papachatzis

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  3. As we become old, the skin renews itself much more slowly than when you are young because the production of collagen, natural proteins that provide the firmness of the skin begin to fall, causing dehydration of the skin and wrinkles. anti aging cream

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