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Monday, March 26, 2018

Review: DIRTYBIRD Soaps #Dirtybird #Soaps #Dirtybirdenergy

(product photo courtesy of www.dirtybirdenergy.com)

You may have tried soap before but Dirtybird Soaps are different. This is unisex soap. It is designed for men and women to use equally and contains caffeine to help you get up and go. From the Original Dirtybird Energy Soap to their other scents: Recover, Relax and Replenish. Each soap is different in its own unique way and is honestly some of the best soap I have ever tried. Use it in the morning before your coffee and you will definitely get up and go. Or use it at night to relax to help you go to bed or to help ease your sore muscles. Or use it for your dry skin like I do. Either way, you cannot go wrong with any of these soaps. 

If you want to purchase each one separately you can do that too. Each one is $5.99.

5.5 oz./156g $5.99

Give your body the boost to get up and go with Dirtybird Energy Soap. This supercharged body bar helps to deliver some get-up-and-GO because it contains a burst of Caffeine and Peppermint. You cannot eat it but you can wash in it. And you can enjoy every last bubble of it. And you can finally enjoy every last minute of your daily shower. Formulated with Jojoba beads, this power-packed soap will essentially scrub and smooth away dry, rough skin, preparing your body to best absorb the stimulating, skin-tightening effects of Caffeine while Palm Oil and Coconut Oil deliver an abundance of rich moisturizers to leave your skin feeling comfortable and soft after every use.

The peppermint smell is yummy and it really does wake you up. and it comes in this plastic container that you can reuse for it so the soap dries in it and does not rot away. Perfect use for plastic that I have ever seen. I like this soap but my favorite soap comes later.

5.5 oz./156g $5.99
This is my second favorite soap. This one is not for waking up but for calming down. Use after a hard day's work(out) to calm your mind and body with DIRTYBIRD Relax Soap. Comforting, this lushly moisturizing body soap is formulated with Palm Oil and Coconut Oil while Jojoba beads gently smooth away rough, dry skin. Soothe your senses with an aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang to take care of your body for a relaxing, good night's rest that will give you the energy to take on the world tomorrow.

This soap does a good job of helping to but your body at rest. It smells amazing and does a good job of moisturizing and exfoliating too. I love how well it makes me feel after a shower or bath. Mainly Ylang Ylang is one of my favorite essential oils and it does not get used enough. I think it works great with Lavendar and Chamomile and this soap is great for men or women.

5.5 oz./156g $5.99
Run faster, jump higher, push yourself an extra step further because we have got you covered with DIRTYBIRD Recover SoapThis soap reminds me of Vicks Vapo Rub. It smells just like it. It is used mainly to help recover from a rough and rugged workout, if you are sick and need to breathe better, if your muscles are sore or mainly if you are out of sorts. I would describe this as more of a manly soap but women can use it too. A rough and rugged workout can leave your body feeling achy, inflamed and exhausted. This specially formulated bar helps to take on some of the recovery for you, gently exfoliating away dirt, grime and dry skin to allow optimal absorption of its ingredients. Infused with Arnica, Eucalyptus and Rosemary extracts, this 'trifecta' of body treatments aims to encourage faster healing of bumps, bruises and inflammation so that you can rest up and ready yourself for your next race or whatever life has to throw at you (or vice versa). 

I don't really like the smell of this soap but I will tell you, my eh-husband swears by it. He uses it all the time after working a long hard day. It really makes him feel much better. He does home improvement and works long, hard hours. He uses this soap to help his sore muscles and boy does it help him feel better. He was also sick at the same time with the flu and had a lot of congestion, and the soap helped to clear up the congestion just like Vick's did. It is the eucalyptus in it, it helps clear up the breathing passages in the airway.

5.5 oz./156 g $5.99
This is my favorite soap. Why? Because I have dry skin and it contains 30% moisturizing cream similar to another 'soap' we will not mention here. This soap is great for my skin. It refreshes and restores moisture to the skin after doing anything. Dirtybird Replenish Soap features a record-breaking 1/3 moisturizing ingredients. This creamy cleansing bar delivers a rich dose of Sustainable Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to the epidermis of the skin. Eradicate feelings of rough, flaky dryness while it transforms your body's protective shield, leaving it looking comfortably soft and supple from head to toe.

I absolutely adore this soap. And the size is huge. And I love that it comes in the reusable plastic container so that you don't waste any of it. All of the Dirtybird Soaps are like that. Those plastic cases are recyclable and are meant to recycle. This soap and the Relax Soap are my favorites. And the prices are a steal. You cannot get huge soaps like that for that price anywhere. 

Essentially all of these soaps are great soaps. They come in different packaging: you can get one single, all four of them for $23.50 or a mix of two for $11.95, you can get a 6 pack of Energy Soap for $34.95. Become a member of the Dirtybird Club and save. It is $29.95 and you get a 6 pack of your choice delivered every three months. With this you get the following:
  • 10% off each 6-Pack
  • Free Dirty Bird Gear
  • Samples of new soap
  • Mix and match every 6-pack
  • Exclusive access to promotions, test products (fragrances) and partner merchandise
A new 6-pack will be delivered every 3 months* with Free Shipping (in the US) always included for DirtyBird Club Members. Your card will be automatically charged $29.95 each time they ship out your order. (*Need soap more often?  Frequency of shipments can be adjusted anytime to fit your needs.)

That is a pretty good deal. If you really like the soap I would join the club. I would especially do it for the Replenish or Relax Soap. 

Dirtybird Soaps are available online at www.dirtybirdenergy.com. Like Dirtybird  Energy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dirtybirdenergy; Follow Dirtybird Energy on Twitter: @dirtybirdenergy; Follow Dirtybird Energy on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/dirtyobirdy/ and Follow Dirtybird Energy on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtybirdenergy/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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