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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Review: Fox Chapel Publishing Journals #FoxChapelPublishing #WoodstockJournals #HelloAngel #TangleEasy #Journals

 (fox chapel publishing photo courtesy of www.foxchapelpublishing.com)


In this day and age, it is hard to find time for yourself with everything that goes on (social media, work, friends, social life, etc.) to find some downtime and just relax and make time for ourselves to write down some thoughts and journal them. Journaling, what we called in middle and high school "keeping a diary", is a way to condense your thoughts and have them coalesce into one complete space so that they are not cluttered around. 

Fox Chapel Publishing has come out with a line of journals that are perfect for this. Some are artsy and some are spiritual. Others are for the hippie buried inside you. They celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock in 2019!!!! Those are the ones I am REALLY excited about. I consider myself to be a 'hippie' essentially and if I had been around in the 1960's I would have attended Woodstock. My favorite music is Classic Rock and all of the players who played at Woodstock (and The Doors too)!!!! There are several journals that feature a mixture of artwork and actual photographs from the event. There are journals that are blank and ones with bullet journaling to lined notebook pages decorated with quotes that will bring the journaler back to the days of flower power. 

Woodstock is more than a legendary music festival. It represents simple living, caring for the environment and loving one another. As Woodstock organizer Michael Lang plans for a possible 50th anniversary concert in 2019, these humanitarian ideals, brought together through excellent music, continue into the present day with Woodstock's ethos: "Woodstock is more than a moment in time. It is about a way of being in the world." Woodstock's sense of style lives on. In Fox Chapel Publishing's new Woodstock-themed journals, lovers, dreamers, artists, and angels are invited to pen their thoughts and dreams in a gorgeous variety of lined, unlined and dot journals. The nine journals feature photographs and illustrations from the greatest festival of all time. 

Other types of journals feature faith-based journals, journals featuring animals with artwork by Robin Pickens, Tangle-Easy lined and guided journals, Hello Angel lined journals and guided journals. There are are also guided devotionals in the faith based journals, scripture journals and prayer devotionals. Some of the journals are ready to color with markers, gel pens, colored pencils or watercolors. Each illustration is accompanied by insightful prompts that will guide you to reflect on what journaling means to you, what faith means to you and what God means to you in the faith-based journals. You will find plenty of lined space to write and opportunities to pray in these finely crafted journals. 

Here are photos of the different journals:

My Prayer Journal $7.99
 Bless This Home Journal $7.99
God All Around Me $7.99

My Faith Journey $14.99
The Beloved Word $7.99

Hello Angel Lined Journal Skates $7.99
Hello Angel Guided Journal Love $7.99

Follow Your Bliss Journal $7.99
Hello Angel Lined Journal Owl $7.99

TangleEasy Guided Journal Mandala $7.99
TangleEasy Guided Journal Dragongly $7.99

TangleEasy Lined Journal Parrot $7.99
TangleEasy Lined Journal Elephant $7.99

Woodstock Unlined Journal Flower Power $12.99

Woodstock Unlined American Journal Peace $12.99

Woodstock Unlined Journal Freedom $12.99

Woodstock Unlined Journal Surround Yourself With Love $12.99

Woodstock Lined Journal Tie-Dye Logo $7.99
Woodstock Lined Journal Groovy Way $7.99
Woodstock Lined Artists & Dreamers $7.99

Woodstock Journal Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out $7.99

Woodstock Dot Journal Peace, Love Music $7.99
Woodstock Dot Journal Tribal $7.99

I decided instead of using photos from the site I would take pictures of the journals and show them to you. These journals are exquisite. I have been using one to journal my divorce and thoughts about it and it really helps keep me and my perspective in place. Especially since I cannot afford therapy right now! I love the Woodstock journals. I think these are amazing. The photography and artwork takes me back to the end of the 1960's and makes me feel as if I were there myself. I just put on some Jimi Hendrix and boom I start to write. 

Here I am going to show you some photos of what the journals look like on the inside:

This is the Follow Your Bliss Journal $7.99

This is the Woodstock Lined Journal Groovy Way Journal $7.99

This is the Bless This Home Journal $7.99 
From Woodstock Lined Journal Tie-Dye Logo $7.99
From TangleEasy Lined Journal Elephant $7.99
As you can see, the journals are varied. If you have an interest you are likely to find a journal that fits that interest. Personally, I really love the Woodstock journals and the Hello Angel ones. My kids have shown interest in the Hello Angel and TangelEasy ones. I have a friend who loves the spiritual ones. We all have different tastes but Fox Chapel Publishing has come to our rescue with all kinds of different journals that allow for us to satiate our thirst for journaling with so many varieties. 

Fox Chapel Publishing journals are available online at www.foxchapelpublishing.com and at book stores. Like Fox Chapel Publishing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foxchapelpublishing and Subscribe to Fox Chapel Publishing on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FoxChapelVideos

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

(These were sent for consideration)

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