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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Review: Carpe Antiperspirant For Hands #Carpe #CarpeLotion #hyperhidrosis #excessivesweating #Antiperspirant

(product photo courtesy of www.carpelotion.com)

1.35 fl.oz./40mL $14.95
If you are like millions and suffer from sweaty hands, then you will appreciate this next post. Carpe is a lotion that helps people who suffer from sweaty hands and they also make a version for sweaty feet. Personally I suffer from sweaty feet myself. I received the sweaty hands version to test out. It is a dermatologist recommended lotion that is not unlike an antiperspirant you would use on your underarms to help stop the flow or perspiration there. Just on a larger scale. 

Carpe Lotion is something I would only recommend to those who are bothered by excessive perspiration. If you have slight perspiration or it doesn't really bother you all that much, don't purchase it. This is a strong product. I mean strong. After one use I noticed a huge difference in how my hands handled perspiration. This product contains Aluminum Sesquichlorhydrate 15%. That is a huge amount of the antiperspirant that helps to stop perspiration from leaking out of the body. 

To use: wash and dry hands. Use in the evening for best results. Use every night before bed and throughout the day as needed. Apply a pea sized amount to palms and rub palms together for 15 seconds. Nightly application results in maximum effect after 4 weeks of use. Additional use during the day increases efficacy 10 minutes after application. 

How does it feel? Does it have an odor? It feels a little bit like wearing wax at first but then the lotion sinks into the skin and it feels fine, which is why they recommend wearing it at night. It does have an odor, which is medicinal in nature. It reminds me of eucalyptus. The reason for that is because there is Eucalyptus Oil in the lotion. I am not sure what the foot version has in it that makes it so much different or better but I know that it is sold separately, so I think possibly it might have more of the antiperspirant in it. 

It does not have any adverse effects on healthy skin, but they don't recommend applying it to dry, cracked skin. One tube can last a month with 3x a day use. Some might see results right away and others might not see results until the 4th week. I definitely noticed a difference immediately. Carpe was specifically made to help manage the sweating caused by hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet, also known as palmar and plantar, or palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis causes moist hands and feet through sweating, and Carpe can be a huge help in reducing this sweating!

Here is a YouTube video by the creators of Carpe (David & Casper) to show you what it's about, why they created it and how it works:

Personally, I found it worked really well. It definitely stopped the sweating in my hands. I know it would work for my feet too if I used the version for my feet on my feet. I feel comfortable recommending this lotion to anyone who has hyperhidrosis or excessively sweaty hands. I feel your pain. Really I do. There is something on the market. It works. Try it out. 

The other options for purchase are: 1 Carpe With Hand & 1 Carpe With Foot $24.95; 3 Carpe Hand for $34.95; 3 Carpe Foot for $34.95 or 3 of each for $59.95. 

Buy Carpe Lotion online at www.carpelotion.com/buynow.html. Like Carpe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarpeLotion/; Follow Carpe on Twitter: @CarpeLotion and Subscribe to Carpe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRlz-jSOiPExZSmTS8zNPeA.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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