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Monday, April 2, 2018

Review: Nightlift Bra #NightliftBra #Nightlift #Bra #UpliftBreasts #DrRandallHaworthMD #breastsurgeryalternative

(product photo courtesy of www.nightlift.com)

The Nightlift® Bra $98.00-$128.00

Imagine, if you will, that over time your breasts did not yield to gravity. That would be wonderful, right? If would be a perfect world to live in, yes? Well that doesn't happen. Unfortunately we live in a world where everything succumbs to the effects of gravity, that unyielding but invisible force that tugs at us and tell us that "what goes up must come down". That includes our breasts. When we are young our breasts are super. They are perky and light pointing upward. Unfortunately, especially for the well endowed, these breasts end up pointing downward by the time you are 45. Especially if you have been through breastfeeding. Now, I am saying do not breastfeed your children. It is the most wonderful thing a mother can do. But it is not breast friendly. By the end of having two kids your breasts show it. Still, breastfeed your children so they can get those nutrients and antibodies that only a mother's milk can give them. 

There is something you can do to help lift them up that does not require surgery. Dr. Randal Haworth, noted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, has created the comfortable, super sexy and wonderful Nightlift® Bra. This bra is worn at night and helps to keep the breasts lifted so that they actually get more lifted after 3 weeks of night wear than they would without any wear at all! This bra is perfect for women with no time or inclination for breast surgery. Recently featured on the Rachael Ray show here http://rach.tv/2o1Px7v  it is specifically designed to lift and protect the breasts during sleep and is wireless with 270° support that actually works! 

The Nightlift® Bra is the only product to receive two patents for its unique composition and is about to receive a third. It is no wonder that the bra has become a favorite of everyone from Halle Berry to Chelsea Handler, Lisa Rinna, Tori Spelling and more. Take a look at the latest on the site:https://www.nightlift.com/ and see the difference the bra makes here: http://bit.ly/2gdVxXDExpert plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth, is the CEO of The Haworth Institute which provides both surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures employing the latest RF and laser technology for removal of both hair as well as wrinkles, skin tightening and appearance.  

I tried out a black Nightlift® Bra in a 40D size. Unfortunately I cannot show you pictures of myself in the bra because it has cleavage and that is not really allowed with children who might see this site. But I can tell you if it did or did not make a difference. Here is a photo of the black Nightlift® Bra:

As you can see it comes with two different sets of straps. These straps hold up not only the bra cups but the side of the cups. So you are getting a double lifting. That is what makes this bra so special. It comes in several different colors and sizes. 32B-44H for the regular $98.00 version. It comes in black, lace, nude and pink. 

  • Original NightLift® construction by B.U.S.T.® keeps breasts separate, supported and immobile during sleep with the look of luxe
  • Reinforced satin straps and cradle-shaped sling configuration support each breast individually
  • Lightweight multi-layered molded foam cups, covered with the softest, most breathable microfiber, includes embedded stabilizers
  • J hooks on either side adjust the strength of the support

The above $128 Baby Doll Nightlift® Bra version comes in the following sizes: 32B-40H. It comes in lace and black; and has the following attributes:

  • Original NightLift® construction by B.U.S.T.® keeps breasts separate, supported and immobile during sleep
  • Baby doll body in semi-sheer nylon/spandex mesh flatters the figure
  • Reinforced satin straps and cradle-shaped sling configuration support each breast individually
  • Lightweight multi-layered molded foam cups, covered with nylon/spandex stretch floral lace, includes embedded stabilizers
  • J hooks on either side adjust the strength of the support
They also make thongs, cheeky panties and boy shorts to go with the bras. The floral lace thong is $18 and come in S-2XL and come only in black I think. The cheeky panty is also $18.00 and comes in pink and sizes S-2XL. The Boy Short is $18.00 and comes in Nude and Black and comes in S-2XL. 

I am very proud of the fact that this company offers sizes for fuller figured women. It is very hard for women like us to find cute lingerie and this lingerie is basic but very cute. 
Here are pictures of the underwear:

Here is a YouTube video about the Nightlift® Bra so you can learn more about it:

What is B.U.S.T. Design & Engineering? It is an acronym for their exclusive patented Bilateral Uplift Support Technology. A revolutionary new construction system that lifts, separates and stabilizes the breasts so they don't move while the wearer is lying down. B.U.S.T. is the structural feature shared by all Nightlift® sleep support lingerie. 

B.U.S.T. signature features include"
  1. Adjustable cradle-shaped wire-free outer slings for maximum support and comfort.
  2. A breathable multi-layered molded foam cup design with embedded stabilizers. 
  3. A pair of J Hooks to customize the degree of support as you want it. 

So how did I fare with the Nightlift® Bra? I have breasts that have had gravity taken their toll on them. I can say that gravity has not been kind to me. Until now. They are definitely more lifted. Not surgery lifted but lifted nonetheless. I would say at least 1 1/2 inches. And that is after 1 month of continuous use. Would I purchase anything else from the line? Yes. I definitely would. I would get the baby doll. And maybe some of the matching underwear. I am divorced now and a new woman. I think this is a great product to try out and definitely something to think about if you do not want to do surgery yet. This was something that I feel I was go glad I was able to do and I think a lot of women will benefit from it. 

The Nightlift® Bra is available from www.nightlift.com. Like Nightlift on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NightLift-by-Dr-Haworth/1477146929232939; Follow Nightlift on Twitter: @goodnightlift; Follow Nightlift on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nightlift/nightlift/ and Follow Nightlift on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/good_nightlift/

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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