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Friday, May 11, 2018

Review: Urban Decay Beached Summer 2018 Collection #UrbanDecay #Beached #Summer2018Collection #SampleProductReceived

(product photos courtesy of www.urbandecay.com)

Yes, it is already that time of year. It is that time when cosmetic companies start releasing their summer collections. And Urban Decay has one of the most beautiful collections I have ever seen. Think bronzes with hints of pool blue and sunny yellow. These are all my perfect colors. I am reveling in how much I love the collection. 

This palette contains eight brand new pigment loaded shades of eyeshadow that range from warm coppers to deep pops of turquoise. Think hot summer nights or days lounging at the pool. This limited-edition palette definitely warrants a permanent spot in your bag. The shades scream summer and the long-lasting formula won't budge, even when spending the hottest days under the sun. These eyeshadows are made from Urban Decay's popular formula that gives each shadow velvety texture, rich color and supreme blendability. Each shade holds tightly onto pigment and stays put. 

Shades included are: 

  • SALT (ivory satin)
  • HEATWAVE (metallic rust)
  • 16th ST. (metallic bronze-gold)
  • PLUNGE (deep metallic blue-green)
  • BLAZE (light metallic peach with pink shift)
  • DAYBREAK (deep reddish terra-cotta matte)
  • DOUBLE DIP (bright metallic teal)
  • WEDGE (deep metallic brown-copper)

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows:

above left to right: Salt, Blaze, Heatwave, Daybreak, 16th St., Double Dip, Plunge and Wedge
I found all of the shadows to be very pigmented, even the lightest ones (which are hard to see on my fair skin). I am extremely happy with this palette, but then again I have never been disappointed with an UD palette. I love how you can do so many looks with just eight eyeshadows. If I were to recommend one thing only to get from the collection, it would definitely be this palette.

While there is nothing sexier than bronzed, glowing skin (as long as it is faux tan) it has to be done right. No orange tones please. These bronzers are different. They are brown based and look brown on the skin, the color the sun would actually turn your skin should you go into the sun. Urban Decay Beached Bronzer comes in two shades, Bronzed and Sunkissed. Nail the golden goddess look every time with this bronzer. Dust this silky powder on your face or all over your whole body, and look like you spent a week hanging out on a sunny beach. Their finely milled, super-soft formula applies smoothly, doesn’t streak, and creates a radiant glow that won’t quit. Get Beached (not burned); these universally flattering matte shades provide sheer, natural-looking coverage every time. If you swore off powder bronzers because they always felt dry and applied unevenly, you’ll be blown away by how different Beached Bronzer is.  Finely milling the powder gives it an ultra creamy texture that feels amazing on your skin, while HPP (Highlighter Performing Pigments) Technology provides rich color, long-lasting elements and the perfect level of coverage. And wait until you see how easy it is to use! Just swipe on a little at a time to get the perfect coverage. It is so easy to use that even I had no trouble using it!

I used to never like bronzers as they always came out too orange on my skin, but technology has finally caught up and now I can have a bronzed look on my skin without looking like an Oompa Loompa. I like both Bronzed and Sunkissed equally. They both add gorgeous color to the skin. Sunkissed is a little bit more pinkish and lighter than bronzed, but only a tad.

Here are swatches of both colors:

above left to right: Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed and Bronzed
Notice how much darker Bronzed is than Sunkissed? And Sunkissed has more of a pinky look to it. While Bronzed has more of a brown tone. 

These creamy, forever lasting pencils are the best in the business. That is why they are so popular amongst makeup artists and fanatics alike. For the Beached Summer 2018 Collection, Urban Decay took one of its regular colors (Goldmine) and added a new color, Lucky to add to the collection. Goldmine is a gorgeous, beautiful metallic gold that looks good with just about any eye color. Lucky is an equally beautiful metallic copper that really brings out the green in my eyes. It is my favorite 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil that they have come out with. 

Creamy, forever-lasting, award-winning and waterproof, 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils delight you with lush tropical hues and deep metallics. The best Eye Pencil ever, ever, ever! Never before has a pencil this creamy and brilliant been waterproof, too. Velvety-soft, this never-before-seen formula stays soft and creamy for blending (about 30 seconds), then dries down to a long-lasting finish that WILL NOT budge. Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full artistic, multi-hued effect with the wide selection of lush tropical hues, deep metallics. Incredible with all Urban Decay Eyeshadows or on their own. Created with 50% moisturizing ingredients suspended in a sophisticated waterproof formula, these eye pencils offer long-lasting color and a dreamy, creamy feel when applied. With Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil.

Here are swatches of Goldmine and Lucky:

above left to right: Goldmine and Lucky
These go on so easily and are so creamy that it is really very easy to line the eyes with them, even if you have older, crepey lids. That is what makes them wonderful! These truly are the best eye pencils on the market right now. 

Urban Decay Beached Vice Lipstick $18.00

Vice Lipstick has become my favorite lipstick since its introduction last year. And with good reason. It is highly pigmented, lasts a long time and comes in many finishes. For the Beached Summer 2018 Collection, Urban Decay has released three new shades of lipstick in limited-edition shades and cute cases that will be sure to have you clamoring to get your hands on them. 

Urban Decay Beached Vice Lipstick is covered in palm trees and is inspired by the landscape of Southern California beaches. These shades scream summer and the long-lasting formulas will not budge, even when you are spending the hottest days under the sun. Channel your inner golden goddess and keep the summer vibes going all year long. 

There are three shades: 

  • Tower 1 (metallized): light metallic beige with pink glitter
  • Heatwave (metallized): metallic copper
  • 100 Degrees (sheer): bright sheer red
My favorite is Heatwave, which looks great on me. I actually love all three of them. These are great shades for summer. And they go great with the eyeshadow palette and its colors. 

Here are swatches of the lipsticks:

above left to right: Tower 1, Heatwave and 100 Degrees
If you will notice, all of them are very pigmented. Even 100 Degrees, which is listed as a Sheer. I am wearing it right now and I can tell you, it is very pigmented. The colors are beautiful and definitely fit in with the Beached theme. Tower 1 is a little bit more sheer than the others, even though it is listed as Metallized but it looks spectacular on. 

Now I would like to show you looks I have done with the products. Here are three different looks that I did with the products. I tried to vary the looks as much as possible so you could see how much variety you can get from these products. 

Beached Look #1:

For this look I used Heatwave in the crease, then Wedge in the transition and on lower lids. I used Blaze on the upper lids and Salt under the brow. I used Goldmine to line the eyes on top and bottom and Troublemaker mascara on lashes. On cheeks I used Beached Bronzer in Bronzed and on lips I used Vice Mascara in 100 Degrees. 

Beached Look #2:

For this look I stuck to just the turquoise colors in the palette. I used Plunge in the crease and lining the lower lids then used Double Dip on the upper lids. Then I used Salt to blend it out under the brow. Some Troublemaker Mascara on the lids. On my cheeks I used Bronzed Bronzer and Tower 1 Vice Lipstick on lips. 

Beached Look #3:

For this look I took Daybreak and used it in the crease. Then I took Wedge and used it in the transition and lined the lower lids. Then I used 16th St. on the upper lids and Salt under the brow. On the inner corner of the eye I used a little bit of Double Dip to add a pop of color. I used Lucky 24/7 Glide-On Eye pencil on upper and lower lids. Then a bit of Troublemaker Mascara. On my cheeks is Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed. And finally on my lips Vice Lipstick in Heatwave. 

As you can see, the Urban Decay Beached Summer 2018 Collection is extraordinary. Everything is fun and definitely worth purchasing. And most of it is limited-edition, so I would get out there and get it now while you can. The entire collection is exclusively available through www.urbandecay.com, Urban Decay Flagship stores and at ULTA Beauty. Like Urban Decay on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbandecaycosmetics; Follow Urban Decay on Twitter: @UrbanDecay; Follow Urban Decay on Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/urbandecay/; Follow Urban Decay on Instagram:http://instagram.com/urbandecaycosmetics#; Follow Urban Decay on Tumblr: http://urbandecay.tumblr.com; Follow Urban Decay on Snapchat at http://www.snapchat.com/urbandecaysnaps and Follow Urban Decay on Google+:https://plus.google.com/+urbandecay/posts

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

(These items were sent compliments of Urban Decay)

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