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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Review: Vera Bradley Wrapping Paper Books from Fox Chapel Publishing #VeraBradley #WrappingPaperBook #FoxChapelPublishing

(product photos courtesy of www.foxchapelpublishing.com)

So we have been fans of Vera Bradley and her whimsical prints for years now. They took the world by storm a while ago and didn't seem to stop. I even caught the bandwagon with a purse and a wallet. My daughter was obsessed with Vera Bradley for a while. The prints are not only whimsical but positively beautiful. 

Did you know that your love for Vera Bradley now comes in wrapping paper form? Not only is it in wrapping paper form but it is wrapped up neatly in themed books! Fox Chapel Publishing is proud to present to you the wonderful Vera Bradley Wrapping Paper Books. These wonderful books are VERY nice. Each themed book contains 20 sheets of Vera Bradley printed wrapping paper that can be used to wrap any gift of approximately the size of a small box or an apparel box. These sheets are perforated and can be easily removed from the books. There are four themed books: Wedding Belles, Birthday Bash, Baby Bump and Oh Happy Day, which is an all occasion theme, for whenever. 

Here are the covers of the books:

Here are pictures from inside the books, you might even recognize one of the patterns. I cannot show all the patterns unfortunately:

Wedding Belles Book

Oh Happy Day Book, any occasion

Birthday Bash Book

Baby Bump Book

The wrapping paper is very thick. It is the thickest paper I have ever encountered. I am sure it is easy to work with and does not crease easily but does make great gifts. This is not the kind of paper you want to just slap a bow on. You want to get something beautiful for your gift with this gorgeous, super creative and beautiful wrapping paper. This is even better wrapping paper that your child's school sells for around $12 dollars a roll!!!

They also come with color your own gift tags for you to personalize, that match the wrapping paper themes. It is recommended to use colored pencils to color the gift tags, as markers might bleed through to the other side. Personally I love the personal touch these color your own tags add to the gift process. These are similar in nature to the journals that have come out recently that you color to kind of calm you down, it's the same means to an end. 

I think my favorite book has to be the Oh Happy Day book. It has some recognizable prints in it and it is useful for all kinds of gifts. Birthdays, all occasions, etc. I'm honestly surprised at the quality of the wrapping paper. Not how bad it is, but how GOOD it is. This paper is so nice. It just screams out quality wrapping paper that will not tear or rip up easily. If you do crafts these books would also make great craft books. You could use the wrapping paper for scrapbooking or use it for another craft idea. The ideas are unlimited. 

The Vera Bradley Wrapping Paper Books are available from Fox Chapel Publishing and are $19.99 each. Like Fox Chapel Publishing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foxchapelpublishing and Subscribe to Fox Chapel Publishing on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FoxChapelVideos.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

(These were sent for consideration)

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