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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Review: L'Oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub Smooth & Glow (For Face & Lips) #LOREALPARIS #PureSugarScrub

(photo courtesy of www.lorealparisusa.com)

1.7 oz./48g $12.99
Exfoliation is a key part of the skincare regimen. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells that are appearing at the top of the outermost skin layer as the skin renews itself. It is essential to remove this dead skin so that you can get rid of it instead of it going into your pores and causing havoc and acne. Or on your arms, legs and buttocks as keratosis pilaris. However, it does have to be done correctly. If you have a lot of acne lesions, such as papules and pustules you are not going to use a physical exfoliant on them, as they would break open and cause infection throughout the face. If you have just blackheads and whiteheads, be my guest and scrub away. 

L'Oréal Paris makes killer scrubs that are great for the face. They have three different knds depending on your skin type. I tried the Pure-Sugar Scrub Called Smooth & Glow for normal to combination skin. The Smooth & Glow contains three sugars that are naturally derived from brown, blonde and white sugar, rich in minerals and it melts into skin for gentle, yet effective exfoliation. The ultrasoft sugar scrub also contains Açai, nutrient-rich Grapeseed and Monoi oils. This L'Oréal face scrub can leave skin smooth and glowing for both face and lips. See effective results immediately. This grapeseed oil sugar scrub leaves skin feeling fresher and rejuvenated. Dirt, oil and impurities are effectively removed. Dull skin is gently polished away. In 1 week: skin feels baby-soft, smooth and comforted. Skin looks rebalanced, healthier, smoother and glowing. Use up to 3x a week for skin that is normal, dry or combination. Do not use on acneic skins. 

To Use: take a small amount of the scrub, apply to damp skin and scrub gently on the face. When you are done, rinse off rinse off with warm water and a washcloth if you need to. The great thing about sugar it that it dissolves in the water and therefore leaves your face petal soft from the oils in the scrub. 

I love how nice this makes my skin feel. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth, petal like. I use this at least 2x a week I try for 3x a week if possible. What I like to do is use this, then a mask for a true facial experience. I would highly recommend for dry, normal or combination and oily skins. Also, I love this scrub because it is so highly effective yet so gentle on the skin. 

L'Oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub Smooth & Glow is a great scrub that retails for $12.99 and is available on www.lorealparisusa.com or $8.95 or via mass market retailers such as Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart. Like L’Oréal Paris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorealparis; Follow L’Oréal Paris on Twitter: @LOrealParisUSA; Subscribe to L’Oréal Paris on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lorealparisnyc and Follow L’Oréal Paris on Instagram: http://instagram.com/lorealparisusa#.

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