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Friday, August 17, 2018

INFOGRAPHIC INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS MICROBLADING? #Microblading #Skin #Tattooing #PermanentMakeup #Makeup

What Is Microblading?

Think about your eyebrows: You probably spend a fair amount of time shaping them with a tweezer tool. Maybe you even spend time (and money) on brow pencils to fill them in and give them more definition. All that’s great—but it robs you of precious minutes every day (and hours as they accumulate) that you could be doing something, anything else. What if there was a more permanent thing you could do that was natural, too?
               There is, fortunately, and it’s called microblading. Basically microblading is like a tattoo. Lots and lots (like, hundreds of them) little strokes are drawn onto the skin, putting pigment where shape and hair could or should be. It’s of course something that’s sketched on by the professional first, and then added onto the skin. Are you ready to learn more about this procedure and perhaps dive into it yourself? This graphic explains it. 

Here is an infographic explaining more about microblading and what it entails:

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Marie Papachatzis

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