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Thursday, August 9, 2018

QYKSONIC's ZOE Skincare Device Recommended by Skin and Surgical Experts #QYKSONIC #ZOE

ZOE provides 3-in-1 care with cleansing, massage and application functions - gives patients rejuvenated skin through pulsating bristle action

A few days ago I posted (http://bit.ly/2vN478yabout the QYKSonic ZOE 3-in-1 cleansing, application and anti-aging device. Here is a press release discussing the benefits dermatologists, estheticians and plastic surgeons have seen with this device. -Marie Papachatzis (I Am THE Makeup Junkie)

ZOE, the only 3-in-1 cleansing, application and anti-aging massage brush, is now backed by experts in surgery, women's health, plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology. The ZOE product features unique silicone bristles that do not harbor bacteria that can be found in lesser-quality competing devices. These medical-grade bristles work at over 6,000 pulsations a minute to remove dirt and makeup, clean pores, and minimize the signs of aging.
Made by leading creator of advanced skincare products QYKSonic, ZOE is a handheld device that features soft and medium-hardness bristles that work at over 6,000 pulsations a minute to remove dirt and makeup, clean pores and minimize the signs of aging. It's a complete facial care solution that rejuvenates the skin through circulation-improving massage and exfoliates without the irritation found with other products or creams. ZOE creates a patting-style motion of pulsations across the skin that help to dislodge dirt without the irritation of oscillating or rotating skincare devices.
"We're thrilled to hear such positive patient-focused feedback from two physicians and an experienced aesthetician who report very positive experiences from usage of our ZOE product," said Rakesh Tammabattula, CEO of QYKSonic. "Their words provide us with added credibility about the efficacy of ZOE as the centerpiece of a facial care regimen. We're excited to move forward with our industry innovations as we plan on launching new products this fall to expand upon the impressive impact ZOE has made on the skincare industry."
Dr. Elizabeth Itzkowitz is a lecturer, author, board certified gynecologic surgeon and integrative women's health care specialist who promotes ZOE's anti-aging and cleansing properties. "As an expert in women's health care, I'm frequently asked by patients about the best ways to improve the vibrancy of their skin. I tell them about my own personal experience with ZOE because it's a wonderful device that massages while it cleans with its pulsating action that removes dirt and leaves you feeling refreshed. It's constructed with medical-grade antimicrobial silicone that washes easily to give users a clean and safe skincare solution," said Dr. Itzkowitz.
"I'm a plastic surgeon with a specialty in facial work, so I'm constantly interacting with patients that want to adjust their appearance," said Dr. Kay Durairaj, board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and head and neck surgery specialist. "With ZOE, QYKSONIC has created a new and affordable way to improve circulation and exfoliate the skin for a more even tone and fewer blemishes. I recommend ZOE to all of my patients as part of their care regimens, and am impressed with the thoughtful design and tech that went into the product."
"I've been practicing aesthetic dermatology for years, and see patients with a wide range of facial concerns and issues," said Candace Marino, a Master Aesthetician at Jason Emer MD and a recent nursing school grad, awaiting the National board exam. "At our office we try to recommend courses of action that will produce maximum results with minimal irritation or effort. ZOE is perfect because it's easy to use and works quickly to improve the skin's appearance. I'm looking forward to the fall when QYKSONIC releases additional products that I'm sure will also be game changers for facial skincare."
For more information about the benefits of the ZOE, QYKSonic and to keep updated on QYKSonic's new products coming in the fall of 2018, visit https://qyksonic.com/.
About QYKSonic:California-based QYKSonic is a developer of advanced medically-backed skincare devices. The company creates state-of-the-art products that provide a luxury experience at an affordable price point. Its current product line features the revolutionary ZOE, a handheld beauty device that cleanses, massages, and applies skincare products. QYKSonic is revolutionizing the skincare industry with a promise to helping people look their best naturally through the use of the industry's best skincare solutions. Visit https://qyksonic.com/ for more information.


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