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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review: The Millennial's Guide to Changing the World: A New Generation's Guide to Being Yourself and Living With Purpose by Alison Lea Sher #Millenial #World #Change #AlisonLeaSher

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The Millennial's Guide To Changing The World: A New Generation's Handbook Being Yourself And Living With Purpose
$12.88 paperback/$10.49 Kindle

If you are a Millennial, know a Millennial or have one as a child, then listen up and take notice, this book is for a Millennial who is having a little trouble finding his/her way in the world. Do you feel a little out of sorts because you are having trouble finding your place in this world? Are you having trouble picking a career? What about finding a job? Not all of it is your fault. You are not lazy. Do not let your elders tell you that you are the worst generation to come along ever. Alison Sher takes us on a journey about why Millennials have so much trouble in this modern world and what to do about it instead of just sitting there whining and scratching your head. 

At first I thought this book was going to be boring or just plain stupid. But as it turned out, it was pretty good. Ms. Sher takes us along a personal journey about herself and helps other Millennials find their way just by relating her own personal anecdotes and relating to how hard it is for fellow Millennials to just plain grow up in a completely different world than their parents did. If you think about it, it's true. Millenials are growing up in a world where they have only known about cellular phones as a normal device to be taken for granted. The previous generation did not have that luxury. 

Ms. Sher also discusses how the Great Recession played a role in the part for Millennials (the older ones) and how they were not able to find a job after college. Or whether or not to actually go to college or not, if it would actually make a difference in the long run.  Especially when you consider the amount of student loans that young adults are accruing these days.

Another thing discussed, which I like a lot is the fact that Millennials are the most diverse generation ever. This makes them the most unified generation. Not only are they diverse, but they are the most tolerant generation ever. Millennials are the generation where bigotry and hatred has been replaced by magnanimous and friendship for all kinds of people. With this comes a more relaxed approach to sexual values and norms too. She discusses dating and how the hookup has replaced the date as a normal sexual experience because Millennials are too busy with their careers to date. This generation is the one where the LGTBQ community has been most welcomed and embraced too. I am so happy that Millennials are so welcoming, unprejudiced, kind and also politically motivated. They don't take anything from anyone and they definitely let their emotions and feeling be known. 

Millennials are also the most sheltered generation ever. In an era of helicopter parenting, it seems the previous generations have actually been too indulgent in our preoccupation with kidnappings, safety and whatever little nightmare scenario you can think of that might happen to our children. With that came the invention of the helicopter parent. Now Millennials seem to be having trouble in the adult world because of this. Between this and the entire world changing from when we were little and it is daunting for a new generation to find their way in this world. Ms. Sher also discusses how religion plays such a little role in the lives of the Millennial. That religion is on the way out for most of the youth of this world. In the end she implores her fellow Millennial to get out and work on themselves to help change the world. 

It was a very interesting read. I thought I was going to dislike the book but it turned out to be very interesting. I am the parent of one Millennial child (on the cutoff cusp) and one child of the generation behind them. I worry everyday about the world my kids are growing up in because honestly, like Ms. Sher I see everything that she does. She is extremely perceptive and honest in her assumptions. And I believe she is right. About everything. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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