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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review: Revitalash Volumizing Primer & Mascara #Revitalash #VolumizingPrimerandMascara #Volumizing #Primer #Mascara

(product photo courtesy of www.revitalash.com)

Do you suffer from puny, small eyelashes? I sure do. My eyelashes are short, nearly invisible and not very voluminous. Now luckily my daughters inherited their father's gorgeous lashes and even they don't have to wear mascara. They do but they don't really even need it. I'm so darn envious of them. I was born with eyelashes that are essentially puny in nature. It has been the bane of my makeup world since I can ever remember. I search for the perfect mascara only to come up empty handed every time. And I really don't like false lashes because they just end up butting up against my eyeglasses or they are hard to apply, getting adhesive everywhere and I end up feeling like I have a caterpillar on my eyelid. 

Here is a photo of my eye without mascara on. Just a little bit of foundation:

above: lashes without mascara
As you can see from above, my eyelashes are barely visible. They look short, puny and are almost white in nature. I call them invisible. I have been frustrated with them by entire life. I have thought about getting them tinted but that just takes care of the color issue, not the actual issue of volume and length. You can get extensions, which are fine, but that is expensive too and you have to get it done repeatedly. Mascara is the best option. Mascara with a primer is an even better option. Yes, that is the best option by far. 

Well award winning Revitalash® Mascara presents its newest addition to their lineup, Revitalash® Volumizing Primer & Mascara. It comes together in this convenient 2-in-1 lash primer and mascara duo that is designed to prep lashes and enhance volume, creating gorgeous, richly pigmented, luxurious lashes. I received this to try out one day and I thought, I'll give it a go, it can't hurt. So I did. And I was pleasantly surprised. Their double-duty, double-ended product features RevitaLash® Cosmetics Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara to provide color-intense conditioning ingredients that allow for buildable application, creating dramatic length and volume to natural lashes. The product has been Ophthalmologist reviewed, Dermatologist reviewed, clinically tested, it is hypoallergenic, oil-free, is cruelty-free and has been made in the USA. It does not contain any of the following: Oil, Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance or Gluten. 

First I took a photo of my lashes with just the primer applied. The primer is a bright blue, not white like most primers. Then below that you will see a photo of my lashes with the mascara applied over the primer:

above: wearing Revitalash Primer

above: wearing Revitalash Primer & Mascara

above: wearing Revitalash Primer & Mascara

above: wearing Revitalash Primer & Mascara
As you can see, the primer makes a huge difference in and off itself. Add the mascara over the primer and you have long, lush lashes that are beautiful. On the bottom lashes I just used the mascara alone and you can see how it gives just a little bit of definition. I recommend using both together to see the most crucial benefits. This is with one coat of mascara. Imagine how much you will have with two or more coats!!!

How To Apply:

Step 1: Apply Volumizing Primer to bare lashes beginning at the base of the eyelash, twirling upward and outward. 

Step 2: Using the same application technique, apply Volumizing Mascara.

Step 3: Layer to build length and volume, ensuring product stays wet as you build.
I am extremely happy with Revitalash Volumizing Primer & Mascara. I will definitely keep using this. With just one coat I was able to get lovely volume, length and even some curl to my lashes that normally have none. The price point isn't bad considering you are essentially getting two products for the price of one. 
This product is just the latest in a series of successes in the Revitalash company. They have a hugely successful portfolio of products that were originally created for a woman recovering from breast cancer, who lost her eyelashes. The original product was a lash conditioning serum, created by Dr. Brinkenhoff for his wife. From there, other products were produced and the company became hugely successful. And it's no wonder with products like this. I definitely would love to try other products of theirs. They have brow and other eye products that fill a niche where there are lacking specific products. 
Revitalash Volumizing Primer & Mascara retails for $34.50 and can be purchased online at www.revitalash.com
Until Next Time~
Marie Papachatzis
I Am THE Makeup Junkie

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