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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin $11.89

For the holiday season do you like to make Christmas cookies? Cakes? Or any sort of embossed dough? I have an easy solution for you or to give as a gift for a friend. It is the Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin from Amazon and it is supposed to give you beautifully embossed dough when you roll out your 

cookies, biscuits, fondant, cake or dough. 

It is not an expensive item and I highly recommend you try this out for yourself before you give it as a gift first because some of the reviews say that it is uneven in the embossing and sometimes you need to apply more pressure. I tried it on something and felt the same way. I rolled it out and felt that a lot of pressure is needed on all sides even the middle to achieve the look above. The pattern looks like a Reindeer pattern but is likely an Elk instead. This item is fulfilled by Amazon but is sold through a 3rd party seller.

The Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin is $11.89 and is sold on Purchase now to have time to work with it and to allow yourself time to give as a gift too. 

Happy Holidays!

Marie Papachatzis

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