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Monday, November 12, 2018


(product photo courtesy of www.amazon.com)

I received the YUNMAI PREMIUM ELECTRONIC SCALE to test out and review. I honestly did not want a scale in my new place, because I feel that stepping on one is disingenuous to my mental health. I know I'm overweight. I don't need to be told this by a scale. 

This scale is stunningly thin, it has 17mm edges and a durable curved shell bottom that stands up to your busy lifestyle. One of the favorite features is that it is streamlined for the modern world. From its backlit LCD porthole display, to its full surface sensor integration, the YUNMAI PREMIUM ELECTRONIC SCALE marks a new standard in living well. 

But this scale is more than just a regular scale. It takes care of a host of different body functions. This scale already has 5,000,000 followers and counting. The scale syncs with an app on your phone that shows you the following: 
  • body fat
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • muscle mass
  • hydration
  • bone mass
  • weight
  • visceral fat
  • body age
  • protein
  • BMR (basal metabolic rate)
Bio-impedance sensors give you precise results, every time. YUNMAI uses BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis), which is a commonly used technology. Please check with your doctor if you are pregnant, or have a pacemaker, electrocardiographs and/or other medical devices before using. Only weight will be measured for users under age of 18. The YUNMAI App syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit. You can just weigh yourself without the phone, but if you want to know all of your measurements, take the phone next to the scale with you when you weigh yourself to get the precise measurements. Step on the scale, and within seconds it takes 10 different essential health measurements, giving you comprehensive data about your health. Body measurements are sent instantly to your smartphone each time you step on, making it easy to track weight loss and health progress. No need to bother with Wi-Fi or setup instructions to get started. Simply download their app to your smartphone, connect to Bluetooth, and have your stats within seconds of stepping on the scale. 


The YUNMAI 2. 0 App connects your real-time body metrics to a world of data charts, social sharing, and fitness tracking. Simply step on the scale to instantly connect your profile and begin pushing data to your app. No additional setup is required, so you can begin tracking instantly. After you download your YUNMAI App, select your name, gender, height, and age to set up a profile. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on and step on your scale with bare feet. Wait 2 seconds to see your weight displayed on both the scale screen and as a live update in your App. Scroll down to view all 10 health indicators, or select the graph icon in the upper right-hand corner to view visual reports. For multiple user modes, select your profile (“Me”), then select “Family Members” and add a user or temporary guest. You can also connect to your FitBit or Apple Health account by selecting your profile (“Me”) and customizing your user settings. 

With Low Power MCU and HY3116 24-bit conversion chip, YUNMAI PREMIUM has a processing resolution of 16 Million, with a much higher precision than those of 12-bit conversion processing unit. Design of YUNMAI PREMIUM excels any previous scale of YUNMAI. The combination of concealed LED display and conductive ITO coating with the whole glass surface, makes it look like a natural gadget. Package includes: YUNMAI Smart Scale - Premium Version, AAA (battery) x 4, User manual.

When I first used the product I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work. I made note of my weight at my last doctor's appointment and would see if it would match. It did. Okay, weight was good. Then I checked all of the body measurements against mine and wanted to see if I was in the green, yellow or red zone with any of them. My weight, BMI, Body Fat, Visceral Fat and Body Age were all higher than I wanted and in the red. However, all of the other zones were green. I have great skeletal muscle, water (hydrated), protein, bone mass and basal metabolic rate. I know what I need to work on and honestly this is going to get me to weight myself more and to help me to lose some weight. I hope?!?!?! That is what the goal of this is for. 

I like the idea of this scale. Which is to give the user more control over what they do with the information that they have on hand. I also like that it has an app that it can connect to and that it can connect to Apple Health or if you have one, a Fitbit or Google Fit. In this day, it is very important to have all the best tools at your disposal to help keep yourself in tip top shape. After all, don't you want to live your longest life possible and be the healthiest possible? 

The YUNMAI PREMIUM ELECTRONIC SCALE is for $69.95 and is available from www.amazon.com

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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