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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Review: PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation #PHOERA #SoftMatte #LongWear #LiquidFoundation #FullCoverage

(product photo courtesy of www.glamgirl.co)

PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation
1 fl.oz./30mL $11.97
One day I received a box of foundation in the mail and I was excited because it was actually the right color. When people send me foundation the NEVER get the color right first of all. So I was extremely excited that I actually received the right color of foundation. It was one I had never heard of before but looked nice and I said I would definitely give it a try. 

This foundation is called PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation. It is a full coverage foundation and makes skin look naturally flawless. Not only that but it controls oil, mattifies skin and has a lightweight feel to it. It comes in 10 shades. Mine is Porcelain, the lightest shade. Porcelain is for fair skin with light pink undertones. I actually have neutral undertones but it works well for my skin. The other shades are: Nude (light with subtle neutral undertones), Warm Peach (light with subtle pink undertones), Buff Beige (light beige with slight yellow undertones), Sand (medium neutral with yellow undertones), Warm Sun (medium with slight golden undertones), Honey (medium dark with gold undertones), Tan (tan skin with warm undertones), Mocha (tan skin with warm undertones) and Truffle (tan skin with warm undertones) (*the last three descriptions are not repeats, those are the actual descriptions as listed on the website)

I tried Porcelain and it worked well for me. I do feel that they should add a few lighter colors to their roster of shades. And a few medium shades. They have a nice selection of darker shades but not too dark. 

Here is a swatch of the Porcelain shade on my arm:
above: PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation in Porcelain 

Here is a photo of me wearing the PHOERA foundation:

above: wearing PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation in Porcelain
As you can see from the swatch, the foundation is full coverage. I put just a small dot on my forearm and it is very pigmented. It truly goes wear very well, for the entire day without budging and looks great. It is a great foundation.

PHOERA Soft Matte Long Wear Liquid Foundation is available online from www.glamgirl.co, www.amazon.com and www.aliexpress.com

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Marie Papachatzis
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