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Friday, February 22, 2019

Review: Maybelline Snapscara #Maybelline #Snapscara #Mascara #PurePigments #MaybellineMascara #WashableMascara

(product photo courtesy of www.maybelline.com)

Maybelline has introduced what is probably one of the most perfect mascaras. It is called Snapscara. This product is made from pure pigments and goes on easily with the curved brush that gets every little hair on your lashes and lasts all day long easily. It has smooth, clump-free volume and comes off in a snap! Just remove with water or makeup remover and no raccoon eyes. The easy on, easy off formula applies effortlessly and will not induce rubbing or tugging. It is an ideal mascara for sensitive eyes. This mascara is wax-free. Yes, you heard that here. Wax-free. Zero-hassle. Glides on smooth for clean volume and defined lashes all day. This voluminous mascara is made without pigment dulling waxes and the effect is super-saturated lashes with pure color intensity. Easily remove this game-changing mascara with a cotton pad and warm water. It's never tough to take off. You will never need to rub or experience the dreaded raccoon eyes. It comes in four shades: Pitch Black, Ultra Violet, Black Cherry and Deja Blue. 

Here I am wearing the mascara on my lashes as swatches:

wearing Black Cherry

wearing Deja Blue

wearing Pitch Black

wearing Ultra Violet
These swatches were all one coat on the lashes. I have trouble standing, so it is hard for me to get a good coat in the light of my bathroom and take a photo. I usually do my makeup in my makeup room but the light isn't working right now. 

Here are some looks where I wore the Snapscara with my makeup:

wearing Black Cherry

wearing Pitch Black

wearing Pitch Black

wearing Ultra Violet

I like the ease of use that you get with Snapscara. It is so easy to put on and take off. I also like the different shades, especially Ultra Violet. It makes a beautiful purple eye. Deja Blue makes a nice blue eye too but purple brings out the green in my eyes and makes them look greener. I love that you can take this off with a cotton pad and water although I take it off with eye makeup remove since I am already using it. 

Maybelline Snapscara is available anywhere Maybelline is sold. Purchase at Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Target, Walmart and Ulta. Like Maybelline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Twitter: @Maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/Maybelline/; Follow Maybelline on Instagram:http://instagram.com/maybelline# and Follow Maybelline on Tumblr:http://maybelline.tumblr.com/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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