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Friday, March 29, 2019

Review: Hair Turban Robe #HairTurbanRobe #Hair #Turban #Robe #wethair #shampooedhair

(product photo courtesy of www.hairturbanrobe.com)

Kelly Brown created The Hair Turban Robe when she got the bright idea one day after seeing herself in the mirror wearing a towel on her head like a turban with her robe, she quickly made a mockup of the item and had someone design it for her and she was off and ready to go! The Hair Turban Robe is great because it comes in two colors and two sizes: black and blue/green and three sizes (x-small/small, medium/large and large/x-large). 

I tried the black in large/x-large. It fit me pretty well and I am 6'1" and am plus sized. Here is a pic of me in the robe:

I would think an XXL would fit me better. But this fit me well. It has a button on the back that you can hook the turban to. You hook the turban and then spin it around on your head getting all of the wet hair in your towel. The one I received was made from waffle weave material and is absorbent but not as absorbent as a regular towel. The towel does help wick away water from the hair though and is good at drying hair fairly well before you style it. Right now the way I am wearing it in the picture I am just demonstrating it. I would not wear it this way if my hair were wet. 

The Hair Turban Robe retails for $50.00 and can be found online at www.hairturbanrobe.com. Buy one today if you need something like this and I am sure many of you do. 

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