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New Prescription Sites Online Where You Can Buy RETIN-A Online (Tretinoin Cream)
I am sure you have seen the advertisements. They are on Facebook and Instagram everywhere. That is where I saw mine. There are two that I know of so far, ForHers and Curology. They are online pharmacies where a doctor will give you medical advice after looking at a picture of you skin and you fill out a questionnaire that consists of a few sentences about what are your skincare needs. It is not the same as going to a dermatologist and prescription drug plans are not taken. 

I started out with and ordered what I thought was going to be Retin-A for my acne but they sent me Tretinoin cream 0.025% with niacinamide 4% for anti-aging. I get acne on my chin and I wanted something more. So after about 4 months I unsubscribed. The total for the first month was $5. The next months are $44 and sometimes they don't have the cream ready on time to ship. That makes it hard when your skin is getting used to the cream and you cannot stop for any amount of time. They offer an acne regimen too but they didn't listen to what I wanted and so I had to drop them. 

Curology asks you similar questions, you send three pictures of yourself (one frontal and one of each side). Then they send a preferred choice of creams in the mail with a sample of cleanser and moisturizer for $30 a month with the first month   My cream is 0.09% tretinoin, 1% Clindamycin and 9% Azelaic Acid. Both of these ingredients help get rid of acne better, Azelaic Acid also helps with hyperpigmentation, skin texture and uneven skin tone. It is a great ingredient to go with the other ones, I just want to see if I can increase my tretinoin. You can get a formula change my asking for a consultation and providing more pictures on your progress. The first month is usually $29.95 with the cream, cleanser and moisturizer. After that it is $19.95 for the large super bottle every two months. The Large Superbottle is $39.90 for a 2 month supply and a one month supply is $24.90. It's definitely cheaper to go with the two month supply. 

So far I am happier with Curology because they listened to what I needed and gave me what I asked for, which is skincare for acneic skin. I still need the anti-aging but I need the acneic skincare too. With Curology I can have both! If you refer a friend you get $10. I am referring you. Try out Curology if you have acne and some aging issues like scarring, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone. Or even if you just want to get rid of acne alone. Curology if perfect for that. It helped lighten up my acneic lesions in just days. I think I will stick with this less expensive and better version

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