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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Review: BADASS grATTITUDE by Nikki Nardizzi #bookreview #badassgrattitude #nikkinardizzi

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This book, BADASS grATTITUDE by Nikki Nardizzi is a wonderful book to read, especially if you have been feeling down on yourself for having been sick, disabled, etc. because you would not believe the stuff Nikki has gone through in her life too. I thought I had it bad. Apparently not. Nikki has had it much worse. She found out she was adopted (wonderful news), that she has juvenile diabetes (bad news) that she is going to be legally blind (very bad news), that she is in need of a kidney and pancreas transplant (more bad news), that she has a lump on her breast (uh oh) or that the dog has cancer (most horrific news of all). 

Somehow she gets through it all with kindness, comedy, love and strength. About the time when she met the love of her life, he eventually helps her through everything and is there for her in her time of need. Then when she's 43 he asks for a separation telling her 'she was miserable'. She lamentably agrees. It is only then that she truly learns what she was definitely missing from her life. Instead of having her circumstances define her, she would define her circumstances. This is a journey of healing, a memoir of both love and pain. But in no way is it there for you to feel inadequate. You can take on the journey yourself and win. 

Her memoir is unexpectedly joyful and positive in what could easily be a book about sadness and loss. Nardizzi takes all the pain, sadness and loss and turns it into a memoir about joy, growth and the spirit of strength through adversity. Which I consider to be a path I must walk daily myself. I have also had to wander the same road, although not in the same way or with the amount of adversity that Nikki Nardizzi has had to. But her book made me stop and think for a second. No matter how bad things get it could always be worse and it will always get better, no matter what. And it has.  

This book is not really a self-help book, it is more a of a memoir about a woman who has gone through a hellacious journey in life and shows you that you don't have to come away bitter and mean from it. You can walk away stronger, happier and prouder. Boy, those last couple of chapters made me cry but it was worth it. This book is a tearjerker and is worth reading if you like stories about people, especially women, who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get everything done that needs to be despite overwhelming circumstances that are in the way. Overcoming those circumstances and being an intrepid warrior of a woman, Nikki Nardizzi shows she is not just an ordinary woman. She is a woman with BADASS grATTITUDE.

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