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Monday, August 5, 2019

Guest Post: Spring & Summer Gardening Project Ideas #GuestPost #SpringGardening #SummerGardening #GardeningProjectIdeas #flowers

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Spring & Summer Gardening Project Ideas

If you love to garden, spring and summer may just be your favorite seasons of the year. The return of warm weather means it’s time to get back in the yard and cultivate your fruits, veggies, and flowers. With the season in full swing, don’t be afraid to begin preparing your garden beds. You’ll likely need an oscillating tool blade to get rid of any unwanted weeds or debris.

Get started by completing these tasks. Your gardening is much more likely to yield ideal results if you prepare accordingly.

Consider Your Plans

To grow an impressive garden, you need to determine exactly what it is you want to grow (and where you want to grow it) in the first place. 

Choose a location for your garden that’s easy to see from different vantage points on your property. This isn’t simply about making sure it’s on display for guests and passersby. Quite simply, when you can see your garden often, you’ll remember to tend to it accordingly. 

You might also want your garden to be a particular shape, such as a circle. If so, choose your shape, mark it out with string, and use a spade to cut away grass.

Choose what you want to plant based on your goals during these early stages. For instance, if you want a harvest you can eat, you’ll obviously focus on vegetables and fruits that are in season during this time of year. On the other hand, if you want a decorative garden, look into flowers that thrive in your area. You might also consider planting ornamental trees to add to the overall effect.

Prep the Space

Odds are good you’ll need to do some post-winter cleanup and repairs before you can begin planting. Examine structures such as trellises and fences for signs of damage, and repair them accordingly.

Your spring seedlings will also need to be planted in soil that drains well. Clear your drainage ditches, and add the debris to a composting pile. Early spring is also a good time of year to clean up and prepare the surrounding area with an electric grass trimmer. Also, don’t forget to pull all of the weeds that are  found in garden beds. Just don’t make the mistake of adding these to your composting pile; they require a lot of heat to kill.

Before planting, top dress your beds, with compost or manure, and test your soil’s pH. Make any necessary adjustments. An expert at your local garden center can recommend products for doing so.

Protect Your Plants

There are numerous risk factors to guard against if you want your plants to thrive. Frost is one of them. Although spring is supposed to mean warm weather, frost can still develop overnight early in the season. Protect seedlings from it by covering them with overturned pots if you expect a cold night.

Keep an eye out for pests, and take protective measures to ensure they don’t damage your garden. Slugs can be warded off organically with diatomaceous earth. Apply barrier paper to the stem base of seedlings that may be vulnerable to cabbage moth, such as broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and, of course, cabbage.

Do you have any pear trees in your garden? Apply horticultural oil spray when the buds begin to swell, and repeat 10 days later. Spray apples with horticultural oil once when you can see about a half-inch of green tissue emerging from buds. For ornamental trees, apply dormant oil early in the spring. This reduces the need to use pesticides later on.

Additionally, to ensure your plants grow to their full potential, prune fruit trees in early spring, before buds start to bloom. Inspect your pole pruner for failing components before using it! Failing parts could be safety hazards.

Of course, it’s important to have fun throughout the process. Gardening is one of the most relaxing ways to spend the warmer months of the year. Taking these steps will help you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Until Next Time~
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