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Have you ever felt that you were not as happy as you could truly be? I used to be like that. Lately though I am extremely happy, ever since I changed my life for the better, removed the negativity out of my life and now I just have positive people in my life as well as people who are there for me.

So what do you have? Everybody wants to be happy yet few people know how to get there. We often think we will be happy if we get the right job, meet the right people, get the perfect car, or house per se. But happiness comes from within, it is a state of mind. A way to improve ourselves and authentically enjoy life. In this book you will see an honest assessment of the 30 key life inventory items that have the biggest influence on your happiness. By examining ourselves and finding room for improvement. we learn to treat each new day as an opportunity to live our best possible life. You will find new solutions to challenges as you take another step down the path to true happiness. 

Every day she goes through a feeling or emotion and discusses how this emotion is impeding your life and not making you happy. For example, in the Relationships chapter, she discusses how communication is the key to making them work. We know this. We discuss this all the time. But do we put it in motion? Do we actually work on this? At the end of each chapter there are actions that you can do to help you accomplish your goals. It is nice to have it there just so you can remember why you are there in the first place. 

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