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Monday, August 26, 2019

Review: The Little Book of Self-Care For Taurus by Constance Stellas #Taurus #SelfCare #ZodiacSelfCare #ZodiacSelfCareMarket

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$12.99 US/$17.99 CAN

It doesn't matter what you do in life, you have to take care of yourself or you will not be able to continue to do it. That is the most important take away you can get from this book. Every sign in the zodiac shares traits that are very important and have the ability to tap the sign and share traits. But those tend to be coincidences. I will show you how this book has helped me and let you know if any of the other ones will help you. 

My sign is an Earth sign, governed by Mother Earth herself. Self-care is taking care of the many different things that are around you daily that get put aside: self, health, healing, social, mental, physical, and even practical. Using these they will help your body be at its most divine. You also have to realize there are yin and yang signs. I happen to be a yin sign. This means that I tend to be introverted (all true) and I tend to be retiring. Your astrological sign also has a governing elements: earth, air, fire and water. Sign qualities also govern three signs and are similar to seasons. I am a fixed sign, falling under Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These come into play when the season is well established: definite, constant, reliable, motivated by principles and powerfully stubborn. Taurus' ruling planet is Venus. Taurus is sensual, romantic and very fertile. I can speak from experience on this. 

The Earth:
Earth signs are supposed to patient, reliable and disciplined. Although variants will occur, because I am only reliable. I am definitely not patient. I suffer so much anxiety it's not even funny and I am disciplined, to an extent. If it is something I am interested in. We are also seen as being well balanced and level-headed, spawning the term down-to-earth. Taureans are loyal and are always there when people are in need. 

Earth signs want to feel comfortable in their surroundings, they want motivation and diligence that others don't have, they crave it. Their motto is"if something works, keep it". You may notice that Earth signs are a little bit more touchy feely than other signs. They do this with everyone and some find it off putting because they are not use to it or they just don't touch or hug in their cultures. I know I am very touchy feely. I like to hug and touch people a lot. I crave human contact and human voices daily. 

The Little Book of Self-Care For Taurus goes into how to create a whole personal space in your home that is dedicated to you the Taurean astrological creature. It talks about literally everything you want to know. I could not finish this blog post in a weekend, if I really wanted to. That is how much information there is in this book. It's good and I liked that there were settings for everything you could think of. Not bad. But it's mainly esoteric stuff that you wouldn't think of everyday. Like sniff some cinnamon or come play soccer. And it's not saving the environment. I would like to see more skincare in the book and less esoteric garbage. More skincare recipes. Definitely for every age range and skin type. That would be easy to accomplish. Purchase at www.amazon.com for $12.99 US or $17.99 CAN. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis
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