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Monday, September 30, 2019

Review: Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place #Kindness #PayItForward #ActsofKindness

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Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place
by Rhonda Sciortino
$12.50 US/$16.50 CAN/$9.99 eBook

These days, with everyone being stressed out and awfully busy, people do not seem to have enough time to be nicer to everyone. Or kind to everyone. Little, small acts of kindness are enough to make anyone's day a little bit brighter and can take even the most sour, dower mood and make it happier again. I know that if I am in line in the store and I have my cane with me and someone lets me in line before them because I am having trouble standing in line, it really makes me feel better because I cannot stand for very long periods of time. I consider that to be a small act of kindness and I will pay it forward somehow, possibly by letting a car get in front of me in line at a light. 

In her book Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make Our World a Better Place, Rhonda Sciortino discusses literally 101 different ways you can make the world a better place. Random or otherwise, acts of kindness and generosity are essential to making our world a better place. All of our lives are improved this way because human sentiment is best expressed through helping others, in ways big and small. It enables us to rely on one another for strength and happiness. In the chaos and confusion of the modern world, even small acts of kindness are often overlooked and ignored sometimes. 

This book, rich with meaning and very easy to put into practice, Acts of Kindness, provides readers with easy ways to see the little everyday acts of love all around us, providing hope and inspiration even in difficult times. Promoting kindness and human decency is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilling life. This book makes a great gift for anyone seeking to bring this sense of harmony to a family member, friend or special person in their life. 

Some of these acts of kindness are so easy to do and honestly, do not involve other people. One was, taking your old clothing and donating it to a shelter. Another one you could do is organizing your house and home and then having a yard sale and donating the proceeds to a shelter or mission, or another charity. You could take your old magazines to the hospitals or retirement homes for patients or for the elderly. How about inviting a friend to go on a walk with you? One thing that I thought was very interesting is listen to people and do not interrupt (which is very hard for me, I like to finish people's sentences). What about teaching something to someone that comes very natural to you? Or giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Just these little things can make a huge difference. 

The author, Rhonda Sciortino, is a motivational speaker, author and success coach. She overcame abuse, homelessness and poverty to become a financially successful entrepreneur, business woman and advocate for abused children. She’s the chair for the Successful Survivors Foundation, which was created to collaborate with public and private child welfare organizations, the faith-based community, business and community leaders, and schools throughout the country. They provide the framework within to foster alumni that can establish healthy relationships, mine the lessons out of their adversity, and apply those lessons to create their own personal and professional success. Ms. Sciortino serves as a spokesperson for Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice and for Foster Care Alumni of America. She is a regular contributor to Foster Focus Magazine, Fostering Families Today Magazine, and Children’s Voice Magazine. She lives in Newport Beach, CA with her husband. She also wrote another book I reviewed, 30 Days to Happiness

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