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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Review: APTO Skincare Pomegranate Mask #APTOSkincare #PomegranateMask #Mask #CleanBeautyForAll

(product photo courtesy of www.aptoskincare.com)

2 fl.oz./60mL $20.00

Masks are one of my favorite things. I love masks because they do a few things. They help clean out the skin, helping to clear out the pores (hair follicles) of dead skin cells and sebum, ridding them of debris that causes clogged pores and acne. Masks help exfoliate the skin, making the skin look brighter and more even toned, they help to lighten hyperpigmentation and they can actually soften fine lines and wrinkles for a short while. Masks can do a number of things depending on the actives in them and how long you leave them on, how much active ingredients are in the mask and how well the mask is made. 

Recently I received, through a box, a mask called APTO Skincare Pomegranate Mask. This mask is supposed to appease the skin, reduce redness, is ideal for the first few weeks after summer (like now) or anytime where the skin has been overexposed to sunlight. Azelaic acid acts to remove dead skin cells, treat rosacea and prevent breakouts without compromising even the most sensitive of skin types. It also helps to lighten up hyperpigmentation. Pomegranate, native in both Iran and the Himalayas in northern India, has been a fruit cultivated since ancient times. It is packed with antioxidants that protect and strengthen skin. This mask is packed with so many natural ingredients that the list is too comprehensive to list here but suffice it to say that it's almost completely natural. 

To use, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, then apply a thin mask layer over the face, allowing it to skin in for around 10 minutes (without drying too much). Rinse off in the shower or with tepid water and a cotton pad. Allow the skin to breathe a little bit and then follow up with your own moisturizer. 

This mask is recommended for all skin types, but I would not use it on acneic skins. Especially skin with eruptions. This mask is best for dry, mature, combination, sensitive and normal skins. It would work well for oily skins, but not as often. I would recommend using it 1-2 times a week and only once a week for oily skins. 

I like this mask because it leaves my skin feeling softer, more hydrated and looking lighter and more even toned than before I used it. For me, masks are always part of a regular skincare routine and should be used at least 2-3 times a week. I like to alternate my masks depending on how my skin is feeling. This is a great mask for fall/autumn and I highly recommend it for this time of the year.

APTO Skincare is clean beauty. All of their ingredients are good ingredients and none that are harmful to the skin or the environment. Their ingredients are ethically sourced. Know that when you open up any APTO Skincare product, there will never be toxins, fillers, gluten, artificial ingredients and colors, or GMOs. Toxic ingredients, from parabens and phthalates, to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and formaldehyde-releasing agents, don’t have a place in their formulas, or on our skin. Yes, synthetic fragrances smell nice, but they are not nice to your skin or endocrine system. At APTO Skincare, it is important that all raw ingredients are ethically sourced from suppliers around the world, supporting local farmers everywhere from India to Mexico. However, organic certifications don’t exist abroad in the same way as they do in the US, so they had to make a tough decision: acquire a seal of approval or support rural areas. They proudly chose the latter. 

Their raw ingredients are grown holistically and naturally, in soil full of nutrients and without pesticides and chemicals. They hand select every ingredient that makes the cut into our their products, leaving no room for ingredients that won’t nourish, heal, or leave your skin in anything less than perfect harmony. So how do they keep their costs down to deliver good-for-your-skin formulas that ring in between $5 and $25? By developing and manufacturing all of their formulas internally at their factory in the U.S. By cutting out the middleman (aka, third-party labs), they’re able to innovate quality, clean formulas with affordable, cost-conscious price tags 

The APTO Skincare Pomegranate Mask retails for $20.00 and can be purchased online at www.aptoskincare.com. Like APTO Skincare on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aptoskincare/; Follow APTO Skincare on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aptoskincare/ and Follow APTO Skincare on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/aptoskincare/

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Marie Papachatzis
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