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Monday, December 16, 2019

Review: Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer #beautypie #SuperdoseVitaminC #OxygenBoostingMoisturizer #Moisturizer

(product photo courtesy of www.beautypie.com/us)

Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer
1.69 fl.oz./50mL
Originally $65/Members Pay $10.82
Beauty Pie is similar to a subscription based service that you can join for a certain amount per month (there are varying dollar amounts and they are available in the United States and the United Kingdom). It was started by Marcia Kilgore, who started Bliss and they offer beauty products such as skincare, makeup, body care and fragrance at a discount without a "middleman" that make the products less expensive. Your subscription to the service helps take the fee out of that extra cost to the service. For example, the product I am reviewing today would be $65.00 but only costs $10.82 through Beauty Pie. Members pay the basic product cost plus basic warehousing and safety testing. You get a limit of the amount you are allowed to spend every month and that is based on what products originally cost. 

I used to belong to Beauty Pie but I stopped because I belonged to too many and it was just getting too expensive to keep up subscriptions to all of them. The products are great, especially the skincare and candles. I liked them a lot and that is why I am reviewing them. But you can see that for yourself if you decide to become a member. 

Today I would like to discuss their Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer.  It is stable Vitamin C, which is a powerhouse skincare ingredient that helps to simulaneously turn up your oxygen and they have added a microbiome-activated brightener, pink grapefruit oil and avocado oil. The result is amazing. It gives one almost a 'fresh faced glow". With this product you will have visible wrinkle-reduction, brightening, lightening, antioxidant protection, overall skin lift and it re-oxygenates to revive tired looking skin. 

Trial results showed that everyone loved it and then it was tested on independent beauty junkies. The results were:

  • 88% agreed their skin had a healthy glow after direct use.
  • 86% agreed their skin appeared fresher directly after use.
  • 91% agreed their skin appeared brighter after for 4 weeks.
  • 83% agreed their skin appeared more luminous after 4 weeks.
To use, massage a nut sized amount into your face and neck each morning after essence, toner or serum and before SPF or foundation. Repeat in the evening or use in conjunction with super retinol or glycolic products for best results. 

I definitely like how this product makes my skin look. Since I started to use it, my hyperpigmentation has lightened up significantly and I can go lighter with my foundation to the point where I am wearing a light dusting of powder foundation on most occasions. I have worked hard to get my skin this way. Having used many products with Vitamin C, every single one has contributed in some way to my skin and how it looks. But this is one that definitely deserves attention. It brightens and lightens skin, helps with wrinkles and leaves skin looking radiant.

Beauty Pie Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer retails for $10.82 through www.beautypie.com/us. You must be a member to purchase this product. Like Beauty Pie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautypieofficial; Follow Beauty Pie on Twitter: @beautypie; Follow Beauty Pie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautypie; Follow Beauty Pie on Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/beautypie/ and Subscribe to Beauty Pie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9f3oNheJuzjPkFE2a24bDA.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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