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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Review: BLACKSOCKS, The World's First Sockscription Service For Men #blacksocks #sockscription #woolmerinosocks #socks

(product photo courtesy of www.blacksocks.com)

BLACKSOCKS, The World's First Subscription Service For Men
$12.22-$17.50 per pair
$100 per month

BLACKSOCKS was started in 1999 and just recently started a subscription service for its socks. Sporting ankles year-round has just become easier.  Thanks to BLACKSOCKS the leading men’s eTailer for high-end Italian socks, new invisible Merino wool socks are now online, providing excellent warmth and heat regulation. The Merino wool debut follows the successful launch of cotton invisible socks in a variety of colors and patterns.I was able to snag a couple of samples to try out and wear, and I have pictures of them above. I tried out the two Merino wool socks in Invisible and Ribbed. “You may not be able to see your Merino invisible socks, but you will definitely know they are there,” said BLACKSOCKS founder Samy Liechti, who was first to market in selling socks by sockscription 20 years ago. “Invisible socks keep your feet warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, while dutifully hiding themselves in your shoes.”  

Swiss entrepreneur Liechti founded BLACKSOCKS in 1999 (five years before Facebook) with a mission to tackle men’s sock woes everywhere. No more searching for lost socks—fresh replacements are sent every few months.  BLACKSOCKS invented the online subscription service.  Since then it has expanded its product line to include a range of beautiful sock styles, underwear and shirts—all made in Europe. A budding advertising executive, Liechti found himself flatfooted at a dinner meeting with Japanese businessmen, when he removed his socks as customs dictated and found mismatched socks. The embarrassment led to the creation of BLACKSOCKS, to add convenience for men on the go. Customers can order the quantity and style they desire and the rest is, as they say, Internet sock history. Headquartered in Zurich, with offices in New York City, BLACKSOCKS has delivered over 10 million pairs since 1999 including calf, knee high, cashmere, invisible, and an innovative line of funky socks, offering a lively mix of colors, dots, stripes and circles.

These socks are extraordinary to wear. They are soft and not in the least bit itchy for wool socks. I find them to feel like cotton and breathe like cotton. They are great socks for me and would make great gifts anytime of the year. Try giving a sockscription to the BLACKSOCKS Subscription Service after trying out a fun pair. Don't forget to clean them with Woolite since they are Wool. 

You wake up in the morning, and a quick glance at your alarm tells you that you are already running late. It’s time to get dressed and go, but there’s bad news in your sock drawer: a few pairs of socks, well past their sell-by date, a couple of neglected single socks of various lengths, and even a sock with a gaping hole. Phew. 
But there’s no need to panic, BLACKSOCKS has the solution,and you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Find out more about the benefits of our sockunderwear, shirt and T-shirt subscriptions and discover the right one for you.Today I am only going to discuss sock subscriptions. 
Are you looking forward to your next sock shopping excursion? Whether you are one of the few people who genuinely enjoy sock shopping or not, we all need socks. So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to create a subscription that sends fresh socks to your door on a regular basis? And of course, ideally all the same style, to remove the need for tiresome sorting.
They invented the sockscription in 1999 and have also expanded it to include underwear and T-shirts. Just like a magazine subscription, every few months you will receive fresh underwear in the mail. Declare war on your chaotic sock drawer. It’s about time. Whether you want the same socks or an assortment of colorful socks, T-shirts and underwear, a subscription will give you exactly what you need. The subscription can be customized or cancelled at any time, making it perfect for your needs and able to fit any lifestyle.

A sockscription costs around $100 for 9 pairs of wool merino socks. It is worth it because every wool merino sock costs $17.50 each. You can specify how many socks you want, the types of socks you want as well as the delivery time. I would take advantage of this if I wore socks more. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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