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1.52 fl.oz./45mL $200

I received this from a subscription box and thought it would be great to review. 111Skin is known for their prestige skincare products. This product is something you might want to check out. Especially if you are looking for a new primer or moisturizer for summer. 

111Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel is a highly active gel that works to retexturize, plump, protect and balance skin. Instead of water as the primary ingredient, the base is made of a soothing combination of Lotus Root and Aloe Vera. The powerful formula works to calm down irritated skin, while refining surface texture. Energizing ingredients help to refresh skin that is lackluster and it promotes a glowing complexion. This product makes a great base for makeup, and is ideal for those who seek a smooth, flawless finish to their skin. A Lotus Root base soothes, nourishes and aids with repairing damaged and inflamed skin. Ultra Filling Spheres promote hydration, filling with moisture under the skin to give an instant volumizing and plumping effect. Ribose encourages cellular energy within the skin to revitalize, brighten and refresh tired-looking skin. 

Cryo Activating Hydra Gel is ideal for combination skin, normal skin, dry skin and mature skin. It is very light, which makes it perfect for summer use or for use under makeup. If you do use it under makeup, make sure to apply a SPF30 afterwards, as this does not have any sunscreen in it. It can also be used at night too, as the last step in your skincare routine. To use, apply a very thin layer (have a pea size) over face and neck. 

This product is absolutely fantastic, as it should be for the price. What I like the most is how it makes my skin feel, which is soft, supple and plump. The gel-cream is very lightweight and you only need a small amount to apply all over the face and neck. It provides sort of a cooling sensation when applied, making the skin, especially irritated skin, feel calm and soothed. I would recommend it for the skin types listed above and also for sensitive skin. Ideally this could be used post-peel to help calm irritated skin and to help add moisture to the skin. This is recommended for those who are in need of moisture and have skin sensitivities. That means that anyone age 25 or older could benefit from this product. 

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