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I am a HUGE fan of Korean sheet masks and Korean skincare in general. Their skincare is so much fun and they have a lot of ingredients in their products (such as snail mucus and bird's nests) that we do not have here. Also their country outlaws bad ingredients that we cannot use here, so Korean skincare is much safer than ours is. 

One mask I tried recently was the Kocostar Rose Petal Sheet Mask. It is a fibrous sheet mask that is divided into two sheets of six 'rose petals' each and you place them on a clean, dry face for about 15-20 minutes. They can be placed anywhere you want on the face and the mask contains a good amount of serum, just as any sheet mask does. The nice thing about this mask is that it does smell like roses and it's not the fake scent either. This mask contain 10,000ppm of Western Rose Flower extract, which allows the skin to look lively by providing excellent moisture along with a pore-convergence effect. The mask isn't limited to the face either, it can be applied to the body if you want. When you are done with the mask, make sure to take the remaining essence and apply it to the rest of the face so that it may absorb into the skin. What is so nice is that this can be used before applying makeup, it makes a nice canvas for makeup. The only thing I think is remiss about this product is that I think they need to include a few more petals so that one can cover more of the face with them. 

Here is a photo of me wearing the mask:

wearing Kocostar Rose Petal Face Mask
I do like how the serum sinks into the skin immediately. And my skin felt well hydrated after I used this mask. Would I use it again? Yes. It is only $5.00 per mask. However, I do think they need to add more petals to this and make it a little larger to cover the face. It seems kind of like a gimmick. The company could just as easily make the mask a rose mask and make it all red and full of the serum. It would be the same and still perform the same function. What is ultimately important here is that the serum gets into the skin, not that you have the rose petals on your face. 

Kocostar Rose Petal Face Mask retails for $5.00 and can be purchased online at Like Kocostar on Facebook:; Follow Kocostar on Pinterest: and Follow Kocostar on Instagram:

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Marie Papachatzis

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