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Monday, May 4, 2020

The Biggest K-Beauty Trend for 2020: Cream Skin #KBeauty #creamskin #skincare #skincaretrends

The Biggest K- Beauty Trend for 2020: Cream Skin

The biggest K-Beauty Trend for 2020 is something called "cream skin". It sounds interesting and it really is. I first read about it on Huda Beauty's blog and on Refinery 29's blog. The idea is to decrease the Korean skincare routine from 10 steps to a mere 8 steps by decreasing 1-2 products and instead combining two products into one. So what companies did is combined a toner and moisturizer into one item that helps tone skin and hydrate/moisturize it. You may still need your moisturizer but you will not need as heavy a moisturizer as you once did. These cream skin products are heavy with hydrating ingredients. "Soko Glam co-founder Charlotte Cho recently explained to StyleCaster that cream skin is both a concept and a look that can be achieved by ditching the lengthy 10-step routine and opting for just one product with a much lighter, milkier consistency." Dec 19, 2019-Refinery 29. I'm a huge fan of K-Beauty, mainly because the products work, work quickly and have excellent ingredients in them. K-Beauty has been a godsend to my skincare regimen. 

Essentially by using this product you are toning and adding moisture to the skin at
the same time. The best way to apply to the product it to shake some in your hand 
and then splash on your face and massage in. It can also be applied on a cotton pad 
and wiped onto the skin, which I have tried and this way also helps to get 
the product onto the skin quite well.  

A few companies already make cream skin toners. One of them is Laneige. 
They have a product called Cream Skin ($28.00). I was going to get this one but 
they wanted $10 for shipping. I said forget it. Another is available through 
Soko Glam and is called Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin ($30.00). That is the oneI purchased and am using. Cream toners are one of the hottest skincare trends in Korea right now and for good reason. They are supremely moisturizing and have a unique milky texture that melts into skin. This one is enriched with nourishing avocado extract and natural seed oils to lock in moisture so your skin stays hydrated longer. The formula is perfect for dry, dull, or sensitive skin, or for anyone in need of a soothing, hydrating boost. The formula is free of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, parabens, sulfates, animal products and mineral oil.

I noticed a difference right away when I started using the cream skin. It is very different from a regular toner. Cream Skin products are highly moisturizing and they definitely feel thicker and more emollient than regular toners. Taking a few drops and splashing it on your face then massaging it in is one way to do it, but I also like to use a cotton pad and do it that way. I feel my skin gets the hydration well that way. Even after using the cream skin I still use serums and moisturizers, however I feel that I don't have to use anything as heavy as I usually do. My skin is so well hydrated that I can go with something lighter such as a gel-cream moisturizer or a lighter lotion moisturizer. It really does help give you the softest skin because it hydrates and softens the skin as it moisturizes it. Use after your double cleansing routine. Make sure there is no trace of makeup left on the skin. Then continue and use your cream skin product. 

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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  1. There was a famous Korean skin routine back then, where they followed ten steps for skin care. A cream was made in the combination of two steps. The toner and moisturizer were provided in a single cream to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Moreover, to delay the discharge, Timing cream Price is kept reasonable for everyone to enjoy.


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