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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Nail Hacks You Can Do At Home Without Going to the Salon #nailhacks #nosalon #pandemic

Nail Hacks You Can Do At Home Without Going to the Salon

Not all nail salons are open yet, so if you’re looking for new nail hacks and designs you can do at home, you’re in luck. TheSoul Publishing has some awesome ideas on their popular 5 Minute Crafts YouTube Channel including the below:
  • Broken nail? Some toilet paper can fix that. By ripping off an edge, you can use this as a tip/nail wrap with some quick clear polish.

  • Doing a DIY French Manicure? Get a perfect line by placing a band aid over the nail you are painting.

  • Sick of having stained nails after a manicure? Painting PVA glue under your nail polish can make it easy to peel off so you can switch it up as your mood changes.

Are these a fit with anything you’re working on? Happy to share additional ideas too; let me know what you think!


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