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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Review: Mukama Botanica High Vibe Face Mist Tangerine & Sandalwood #mukamabotanica #highvibesfacialmist #tangerine #sandalwood

(product photo courtesy of www.mukamabotanica.com)

4.05 fl.oz./120mL $55.00

Facial Mists are becoming more popular lately, as we delve into items that we find are actually better for us than we previously thought. I have a few of them but none compare to the one I tried from Mukama Botanica, a skincare range from Hawaii. The founder of Mukama Botanica wrote this about the story behind the skincare range: "But first, I vowed to capture this essence as sensorially and ethically as I possibly could – and when I thought that was enough, to go beyond. Knowing a place as pure as they come, I vowed that every single ingredient would be 100% pure, sustainably sourced, fully natural, and only organic. I vowed that each product be handcrafted and enveloped in eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable packaging. And beyond being as conscientious as possible, I vowed to give back.* I vowed to never deliver just another product, I vowed to create something that heals, inspires, and gives. Something to show you how to selflessly take care of yourself."

The Mukama Botanica High Vibe Face Mist Tangerine & Sandalwood is the face mist of your dreams. It will boost the hydration of your skin and also boost your mood. This pH-balanced potion is made with high vibe ingredients and aromatics inspired by sacred Hawaiian plant healing. It is perfect for all skin types, including acneic skin, it is 100% natural and organic and has been handmade in the USA. Also, it has been packaged and shipped in recycled packaging. The key ingredients in this facial mist are: 
  • rose water-to calm all skin types and improve hydration
  • tangerine-to sprinkle the skin with protective antioxidants
  • sandalwood-to regulate the skin's oil production
This misty facial toner is made to balance, clear and improve the skin's radiance. It also hydrates the skin, rebalances the skin's pH level and helps soothe skin after cleansing or after exfoliation. It is also great to use on a hot day when the heat is getting to you. This spray will definitely help to soothe any sun you have received, although I hope you are wearing sunscreen of at least an SPF30 or higher when outside. The spray has soothing ingredients such as witch hazel, rose water, rose damask and sandalwood. 

To Use: Mist your face a few times after cleansing and gently pat into the skin prior to moisturizing. Can also be spritzed on as a refresher during the day. Shake before using. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

I love the way this makes my skin feel when I spritz it on. It actually makes my skin feel vibrant and it smells divine. This mist only has around 5-6 ingredients in it. Witch hazel, rose water, organic sandalwood, organic tangerine, organic rose and arginine. It is actually one of the products with the least amount of ingredients that I have ever seen. Spritz, let dry and then moisturize the skin. Skin will feel hydrated after you spritz, it will not feel dry anymore. But you need to hold that moisture in, so definitely moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated. This facial mist is definitely worth it. It is the best facial mist I have seen so far. 

Mukama Botanica High Vibe Facial Mist Tangerine & Sandalwood retails for $55.00 and can be purchased online at www.mukamabotanica.com. Like Mukama Botanica on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mukamabotanica/ and Follow Mukama Botanica on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mukamabotanica/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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