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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Beauty Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck #123Go #makeuptips #YouTube #bangforyourbuck

Beauty Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Looking for ways to get the most use out of your makeup? Well, TheSoul Publishing’s popular 123 GO! YouTube Channel has great ideas for how you can reuse your makeup so you get double the use out of your products! Check out some of the tips below: 
  • Did your eyeliner get dry out of just a few uses? Flip the tip over! Use a tweezer to gently pull the tip out of your eyeliner pen, and flip it over placing the dry side back in the pen and have a brand new tip ready for use.
  • Need to clean your makeup brushes? Use a rubber glove for a budget friendly DIY cleaner. Taking a rubber glove, place soap on it, gently lather up the brush bristles and move the brush in a circular motion to wash away all the built up product stuck within your brush.
  • Is your foundation stuck at the bottom on the bottle? Scoop it out with a plastic straw! Cut a section out of the bottom of the straw to scoop out the foundation stuck at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Are you looking to cover up red spots? Use concealer and eyeshadow! Mix a green or blue shade of eyeshadow mix with your concealer to color correct your spots.
  • Do you have chapped lips but no more chapstick? Use your old lipstick to make a brand new one! After cleaning out your old chapstick container, take your favorite lipstick, a coconut oil, Vaseline, and mix the ingredients. Once you have a liquid consistency, pour the mixture into your chapstick container and set it aside for a few hours to solidify to get a completely new chapstick.

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Marie Papachatzis


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