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Saturday, July 18, 2020

GUEST POST: HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE #bodyshape #bodytype #howtodress

How to Dress for Your Body Type

Most women would choose shopping for clothes any day over other activities. While you stroll along the mall, eyes sparkling with vigor while looking at the most beautiful dresses and skirts, you forget how it would look on you.

While self-expression is what makes a woman, knowing how to dress for your body type is also vital to add to your overall confidence. Sure, you can always try to fit the clothes before buying. However, knowing if the dress or skirt fits from the get-go helps save time when you’re shopping for clothes.

Whether you’re having one dress made from your favorite fashion atelier or choosing a costume from a cosplay shop, knowing your body type is vital to make yourself look and feel good inside and out. Without further ado, here are some tips on how to dress for your body type.

Know the Type and Shape of Your Body

Remember that there is no right type or shape for a body. Your body is unique and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are four basic body types. All these depend on the curves you have – or the lack thereof.

1.   Apple

An apple body type means you’re broader on the top and narrower on the bottom. Assess your shoulders and see if they’re typically wider than your hips. Most women with apple body types lack a curve in the hips. However, you’re mostly well-proportioned.

How to Dress:

Dressing for the apple body type means you have to deviate onlookers’ attention from your belly button down to your hips. Instead, you can emphasize the other parts of your body. Keep your accentuating details on the top part of your body down to the lower third of your body. T-shirts, blouses, dresses with V-necks are recommended.

2.   Pear-Shaped

Otherwise known as the triangle body type, a pear-shaped body type means you have fuller hips and rear. Moreover, this shape relatively has narrower shoulders while having curvier hips with a typically larger behind, hence, the shape of a pear.

How to Dress:

The trick to balance your top and lower body parts is to make sure you take the focus away from your hips. Emphasize your shoulders more by placing your clothing accents on top. Try not to wear flared pants as it makes your legs thicker. Avoid tights as they’re not very flattering to your shoulders.

3.   Hourglass

The “curvy” body type is basically every girl’s dream (well, at least for me). But this shape means your shoulders and hips are proportioned. Plus, you have fuller thighs, bust, and hips.

How to dress:

Women with an hourglass figure should flaunt their beautiful curves and embrace them. Instead of wearing oversized t-shirts, wear something that will hug your body to showcase your stunning curves. Try to accentuate around the waist area by wearing belts and dresses with a snug fit at the midsection.

4.   Rectangular

Also known as the “athletic” body type, women with rectangular shapesare typically well-proportioned from the top to the waist down. However, the only difference is having a non-curvy waist. Waists for the athletic body type are relatively wider and straighter.

How to Dress:

Since you have a boyish figure, try to flatter your shape by wearing dresses that hug you in the waist and accentuate with a belt. Or you may also go for miniskirts or dresses with frills and ruffles to make your shape look more feminine.


Leanne Brooks is a passionate blogger who loves to write about games, costume play, fiction, and more. She is currently working with cosplayhero, the world's leading online Cosplay Shop for costumes.

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