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 Clip in Hair Extensions VS Tape in Hair Extensions VS Hot Capsule Hair Extensions

A modern woman knows that coming to work with a short haircut and conquering men's hearts with lush curls on the same evening is an affordable transformation. Now hair extensions are very popular. Each girl can fulfill her dream and get the perfect hairstyle for herself. There are many methods of hair lengthening, from clip in hair extensions to hot capsule hair extensions. Each of these methods has its strengths and weaknesses. So let's discuss them in detail:

Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in remy hair extensions  have become incredibly popular. The main reason is that this method successfully fulfills its main function - you get long voluminous hair that will become a real decoration for any girl. After all, not everyone is the happy owner of such a gift from nature. Besides, under the influence of various circumstances, their own hair can grow very slowly, fall out, and lose its appearance. The use of cosmetic products has a correct, but too slow effect, but we want it today and right now.

Hair extensions allow you to solve several problems in one fell swoop:

  • contrast increase in length;
  •  significant increase in volume;
  •  the ability to hide physical disabilities - bald patches, bald patches, etc.;
  •  creating a new great image.


The clip in hair extensions procedure makes it possible to implement all these possibilities much safer than all methods existing today. The advantages of hair extension with this method are that the process does not require a special glue or keratin for the hair. There is no negative hot effect on the hair structure, and there is no need to use any chemicals to consolidate the effect.

The new method avoids most of these problems, thanks to the clip in hair extensions technology. As a result, such a connection becomes very durable and natural, even when creating a hairstyle.

This method is based on hair strands with clips that are fixed to your hair. This extension technique is not very easy to use, but once you attach such hair with clips, you will see how easy it is to change your appearance in this way. Clips are a great temporary solution for special occasions. There is also a disadvantage to such an extension. The clips must be removed before bed to prevent damage to your hair.

Tape Hair Extensions

The tape method of increasing the number of hairs on the head is considered a competitor to the capsule technology. This method leaves no room for the stylist's fantasies to come true.

But the curls will get an improved look in less than an hour. The procedure is considered outdated, but the price for such a service will not empty the wallet. If a woman's hair is naturally thin and thin, the tape method is better than the capsule method.

But in leaving, such hair is capricious:

·        Often you cannot comb the curls.

·        After shampooing, the strands are dried only in a natural way; the hairdryer can be removed from the bathroom.

Hot Capsule Hair Extensions

The hot capsule method of building up is a widespread and popular phenomenon. It will not work to confuse it with another technology; if you raise the strands, you can see such a picture

When done correctly, everything looks neat. But the pros and cons of capsule hair extensions are in the same amount. Lovely ladies will like:

1.     Extend hair extension up to 90 cm. The duration of the procedure is from 2 to 4 hours. During this time, the master, using a special device, heats the capsules on the donor strands and attaches them to the client's thin strands. The more professionally the work is done, the more natural the new hair will turn out. The capsules are almost invisible, and the hairstyles are almost unlimited.

2.     A strong attachment will not be damaged by hot drying with a hairdryer; you can comb hair extended by this method without fear. There are no restrictions on shampooing either, and it will not come soon for correction - 3.5 months is the maximum period.

On the second side of the scale, the disadvantages of the procedure are comfortably located:

  • Damage to the hair structure after contact with the molten capsule
  • The price of the procedure makes it unaffordable for a wide range of women.

·        Beauty, in this case, will require sacrifices, both physical and material, in equal measure.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the three most popular hair extension methods: clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, and hot capsule hair extensions. You can see that clip in hair extension is a better choice because it doesn't have any side effects.

Michael Lee

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