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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Lottie London Makeup

Recently I had the opportunity to try out and play around with Lottie London cosmetics. I was so glad I got the chance to do so too, because I found some new favorites! The line is cute brand that is budget conscious and is designed for the "straight talking and forward thinking. The people of the #lottiesquad dream big, think fast and make it happen. Always one step ahead, they bring the ultimate in diverse and inclusive beauty innovation, without breaking the bank, forever keeping it conscious Lottie is 100% cruelty-free." They are also vegan! 

I tried out 7 different products from the line and I loved every single one of the products, which is rare for me. However I did find about 3 products that I am going to keep in my permanent rotation. That just means my everyday rotation, since I am able to try so many different makeup brands. Read on below for a review of the products as well as my thoughts...

Coconut Primer $9.95

Apply before makeup to help keep your skin fresh, hydrated and radiant with Lottie London's Coconut Primer. Infused with coconut, this lightly scented primer illuminates and smooths the skin, prepping it for the ultimate foundation application. Micro-pearls add a soft, natural shimmer that adds dewiness to any look. Also, it contains calming chamomile extract and softening Vitamin B5.

Not only does it smell divine, but it adds just the right amount of illumination and dewiness to the skin. I love the way it preps my skin for foundation and helps it last all day long. It's a lightweight liquid-cream, so it's not too heavy on the skin anytime of year. The coconut scent makes smell heavenly to me, but I love coconut. The calming chamomile extract helps irritation and the softening Vitamin B5 (panthenol) helps soften the skin and makes it feel even younger. I love this product so much it is now my staple primer. 

You too can achieve that sun-kissed, 'just back from holiday' glow, come back from the beach vibe with Freckle Tint by Lottie London. This temporary skin tint adds instant freshness to any look. Simply dot onto the face and set with translucent powder for a natural look, or go bold and create a look with ALL the freckles you've always dreamt of darling! Temporary skin tint comes in an easy application universal shade.

Let's face it, sun damage is not a good look. I should know, I have had skin cancer twice already. So why not fake the freckled look? All you need it Freckle Tint and some loose powder. Dot on, wait until dry, apply a little bit of loose powder and you are ready to go! The look says chic, not sunbaked and leathery. I love it. With this product, a little goes a long way. Make sure to dot lightly and let dry thoroughly before applying powder. 

Be ready to take your shadow game to the next level with Lottie London's Eye Foil Iridescent Duo Chrome Eye Topper. Featuring a range of iridescent duo-chrome shimmer toppers and over the top glitters, these can be applied over any eye look for a foiled finish in a flash. Swipe over bare eyelids or top over your eye look. 

I like these for the eyes, but I also like to wear them on my lips. Shhh! They make a killer long-wearing lip look over foundation and lip liner. Eye Foil also works wonders when worn on the eyes. It can be worn alone as a beautiful metallic eyeshadow or as a gorgeous topper. I tried Faded, a stunning rose gold shade. 

Lottie London's Ombre Blushes come perfectly blended for the ultimate soft blush. Lightweight and smooth, these blushes come in a blend of matte and softly shimmering shades for a healthy flush and sheen in an instant. These are blended with a unique gradient shade range, allowing you to tailor your own finish. You can have a super soft finish or a flush of color statement on your cheek. 

This is one of my favorite Lottie London products. I tried Serene, a beautiful nude pink color that has a lot of pigment to it. When worn on my pale skin it gives the most beautiful flush of pink. Makes me look like I literally just blushed. The color above accurately represents Serene and what it looks like. I LOVE this color so much that it has become one of my staple go-to shades for blush. Easy to apply and very pigmented for such an inexpensive product, I am loving this. 

Get ready to turn up the heat and meet the Lottie x Laila Loves Neon Miami Palette! From super sparkling shimmers and glitters, to rich and creamy mattes, with tropical inspired limes, to festi-feeling iridescent purples! Each pigment is buttery soft, allowing you to create a look that's bold, bright and 100% you, wherever you are! Pack on the pigment with your finger, or use a brush to softly blend and get a look that's guaranteed to help you slay! Always in style, these colors will take you from summer to fall easily. 

These pigment palettes pack a punch of color. I love how soft the colors are and how easily they go on. Plus they blend easily and look great on the eyes. 

Get ready to have the perfect winged liner! Without any fuss or muss, not mistakes. Add instant body art with Lottie London's Wing Edition Stamp Liner Duo. Featuring a super-cute stamp and an ultra-fine precision tip for fearless flicks with a unique twist in a flash. Available in different styles, mix and match to create statement looks that are always Selfie Ready. To use, place the wing-shaped stamp on the outer corner of your eye. Join your perfect wing to your lash line with the ultra-precision felt-tip liner. Bam, perfection!

This is my absolute FAVORITE Lottie London product. I happen to have hooded, downturned eyes and it is very hard for me to get the perfect wing. However, with this product I can get them instantly and I don't have to worry about making any mistakes. This is now my go to liquid eyeliner. I have tried other stamp eyeliners before but none of them compare to this one. 

Supercharge your pout with Lottie London's Gloss'd Supercharged Gloss Oil. A unique gloss-oil hybrid, this lip savior hydrates and nourishes while adding a very light wash of color for fuller-looking lips. One swipe and your lips will feel as good as they look. Use alone or over lipstick. 

This is a very nice lipgloss/lip oil hybrid product. It isn't the most pigmented of products, but doesn't claim to be. I wore it over the eye foil. I like that it helps to condition the lips and keep them from drying out all day.  

Here is a photo of me wearing the Lottie London products:

wearing Lottie London makeup listed above

As you can see from the photograph above, I am wearing the Lottie London products listed above, except for foundation, eyebrow powder and mascara. I absolutely love the products. Especially the ones that I listed as my favorites. They are budget conscious and look good on any age group, even though they are targeted to the young women of Generation Z. Heck, I am 49 and I can wear them!

Lottie London products are available at ULTA, Target and Urban Outfitters. Like Lottie London on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myLottieLondon/; Follow Lottie London on Twitter: @myLottieLondon; Follow Lottie London on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/MyLottieLondon/; Follow Lottie London on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lottielondon/  and Subscribe to Lottie London on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHmdgbmJy7wluFTFM1znM1A.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

(These products were sent for consideration)

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