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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Review: Maybelline FACESTUDIO GLASS Spray #Maybelline #FACESTUDIO #GlassSpray #SettingSpray #DewySkinLook

(product photo courtesy of www.maybelline.com

3.4 fl.oz./100mL $9.99

This fall, as has been for the past few seasons, dewy fresh faced skin is in. And there is no easier way to get it than with a setting spray. Setting sprays not only set your makeup, but they can also give you the most beautiful, dewy look you want without spoiling your makeup finish. Read on for one that is easy to use and will not break the bank.

Maybelline FACESTUDIO GLASS Spray (Glass-Skin Makeup Finishing Spray) is how you can achieve the dewy, reflective hydrated look. With their 1st dewy glass-skin finishing spray, you can get the dewy hydrated look in seconds. Simply apply Glass Spray Make-Up Finishing Spray in the morning or use it throughout the day as makeup pick me up. This bi-phase finishing liquid delivers an ultra dewy finish instantly. It is designed for even application and with it, is the optimal cloud spray pattern spritzer to perfect your look. Use it all over as the final step after makeup application or on its own for a glass skin glow. 

To use, make sure to shake well. Hold the bottle 8-10 inches away from face and close eyes. Spray in clockwise direction. Avoid spraying directly into eyes and lips. 

Here is a photo of my face after using GLASS Spray:

Here I had already applied a light dusting of setting powder over a brightening foundation. Then a light spritz of of the GLASS Spray. I was going for a light dewy look, as I am 49 and did not want to look too dewy. This spray can make you look extremely dewy or just enough. I like the just enough look. Do avoid the eyes or it will melt your mascara. It works great as a finishing mist, setting makeup throughout the day. I like to use it over makeup, as opposed to using it on its own. If you have perfect, young looking skin, by all means, use it on your own beautiful skin over a SPF30. I have photo damage that I am covering up, so I opt to use a foundation. 

Here is another look where I used the GLASS Spray, just enough to give the skin a light glow:

I really like this setting spray and find it works better than using primer that is supposed to give you the glass skin look, which gives your skin "goopy" appearance. I also like that it comes in a small bottle at a good price point. 

Maybelline FACESTUDIO GLASS Spray retails for $9.99 and can be found at mass market retailers and ULTALike Maybelline on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Twitter: @Maybelline; Follow Maybelline on Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/Maybelline/; Follow Maybelline on Instagram:http://instagram.com/maybelline# and Follow Maybelline on Tumblr:http://maybelline.tumblr.com/.

Until Next Time~

Marie Papachatzis

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