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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

How To Look Great On The Beach: Makeup & Fashion Tips #Beach #Makeup #Fashion #Eunoiaswim

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How To Look Great On The Beach: Makeup & Fashion Tips

Beach time is often the best time, and everyone who spent an amazing afternoon or romantic evening on a beach will confirm this. There is something empowering, yet equally soothing about going to the beach. The sea, sun, and sand are a magical combination that can lift your mood and make your day. However, if you think about going on a vacation, or you simply live near the beach and want to spend a day there, it’s important to make yourself look good. Therefore, here are some makeup and fashion tips that will help you look your best while soaking up the sun.

1. Never, ever forget the sunscreen

Going to the beach requires you to protect your skin from the sun, even during the less hot weather. Sunrays are strong and can get through the clouds, so make sure to wear a sunscreen that is strong enough to keep your skin safe from sunburns and rashes. If you’re going to swim, make sure to apply it before going to the water, and also after you’re finished swimming.

2. Opt for light and neutral makeup 

Makeup can not only accentuate your features but also hide blemishes and other skin imperfections. Spending time on the beach is usually a fun experience filled with various activities, which is why it’s recommended to stay away from excessive makeup. Also, before you apply makeup, make sure to prep your skin by doing your regular skincare routine. If you still want to wear makeup, opt for light and neutral tones that will allow your skin to breathe. 

3. Get a spare set of swimsuit

There’s no beach fun without wearing a swimsuit, so it’s essential to pick one that suits your body and looks good on you. Your swimwear should be comfortable and made of pleasant materials that won’t cause you unnecessary sweat and discomfort. Also, when choosing it for the beach, it would be smart to opt for sustainable swimwear as it’s often more durable and feels better on the skin. Another great advice would be to bring a spare set of swimwear, so you could change into it after you’re done swimming. That way, your wet swimsuit can get dry, and you’ll have an extra one to use.

4. Bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses 

Looking glamorous while spending time on the beach is not that hard, but it does require some planning. However, if you’re not someone who enjoys experimenting with different clothes and accessories, just get yourself a pair of sunglasses and a hat. You’ll instantly look gorgeous and charming, but you’ll also be protected from harsh sunlight, especially if you happen to be at the beach around noon and early afternoon. When picking a sunhat, make sure to get one that has a wide brim, so you’ll get the best protection from the sun.

5. Protect your lips as well 

Lip protection is extremely important, and spending time on the beach, inhaling the salt can make lips become dehydrated. So, in order to avoid that, make sure to protect your lips, by bringing a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher. If you want to add an extra touch of glamour, you can always opt for a tinted lip balm that will make your lips look plumper and more luscious!


These makeup and fashion tips will help you look your best on the beach. However, you should also make sure to stay safe, so using sunscreen with high protection is a must. Finally, remember to wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish, so you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while looking your best. 

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