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Friday, November 13, 2020

How to Make Your Own Makeup Kit


How to Make Your Own Makeup Kit

It is safe to say that no one likes being caught unprepared. Having a makeup kit on hand is going to save you from such situations. You can make a kit that is simple yet well-stocked so that you can have your face made up in a pinch. You can definitely find ready-made makeup kits; however, making your own ensure that you always have your favorite products with you. On that note, here’s how you can easily create your own.


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Find a Substantial Makeup Bag

If you are thinking of creating your own makeup kit, you will first need to look for a bag that is big enough to hold all the products you need, but compact enough to fit into different handbags so that you can carry it around wherever you go. There are many designs out there that you can choose from, but the most important factor you need to consider when looking for a makeup bag is how durable it is. You do not want to get a makeup bag that might get torn or damaged easily.

Always Include a Mirror

After deciding on your makeup bag, you need to look for a mirror. Sometimes you can luck out by finding a makeup bag that already has a built-in mirror, but oftentimes, you’ll have to purchase them separately. This is an important addition to your kit because you do not want to put on makeup without looking at your reflection. A compact mirror is extremely helpful because it allows you to check your appearance, and it can fit inside any kit.

Choose the Right Mascara

Mascara is an essential item that needs to be added to any makeup kit. Mascara is magical because if you use the right one, it’ll brighten up your face and your lashes will look luscious and long. It can be difficult finding a mascara that works for you because all mascara brands offer the promise of a fuller, false-lash effect. The experts behind Marcelle mascara state that there are different factors that influence whether a mascara does anything for you or not. For example, different mascara brushes are designed to work for different types of lashes. The formula of the mascara itself can also influence its effectiveness. When you do find the perfect one for yourself, you better have a permanent space for it in your makeup kit.


Image Source: https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1487412840181-f63f62e6a0ee?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=1350&q=80

Add a Tint

If you need to add a bit of color to your cheeks, or your lips, but do not want the commitment or intensity of lipstick or blush, make sure to add a tint to your makeup kit. A tint is a product that adds a hint of color to your cheeks and lips in a way that makes it look natural. If you are not a fan of heavy makeup looks, then this is an addition to your makeup kit that you are going to like.

Collect More Than One Lip Balm

This product is especially needed in cooler months when lips become more chapped than ever. A lip balm is essential in any makeup kit. You never know when your lips might need a little TLC because of how dry they are. You can get different flavored lip balms for an added twist of fun. Nowadays, you can also buy tinted lip balm so that your lips remain smooth and glowing.

Pick an Everyday Concealer

No one can really predict when they might have a bad breakout. What you can do is have the tools necessary to cover up the pimples that suddenly appear. Having a concealer in your makeup kit is going to ensure that you can hide any blemishes or spots on your face. A concealer is also great for those days when you have bags under your eyes from a lack of sleep.

These are the basics any person needs to have in their makeup kit. You can gradually add more items to your makeup kit if needed. If you are just beginning your makeup journey, or do not want to lug around tons of products with you, then this is a good start to create your on-the-go makeup kit. It is important to note that you need to check how long each of these products can last before they need to be replaced so that you are not using a product that could harm you. Now it is safe to say that you will never be caught without the necessary products to look fabulous!

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