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Friday, December 18, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Santa In A Snow Globe and Remember To Smile Children's Books #HolidayGiftGuide2020 #SantaInASnowGlobe #RememberToSmile

 Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Santa In A Snow Globe and Remember To Smile Children's Books

This year, more than ever, kids need to be reminded that Christmas is still normal. Just because of the pandemic, Santa will still be coming to see them. He just has to help protect himself. That is why A.H. Edelman wrote Santa In A Snowglobe. It is the first illustrated children's book to offer parents, caregiver's and children a starting point to discuss the new realities of the life we now lead because of the pandemic. These are explained straightforwardly by Santa himself. All complete with boundless wisdom, beautiful illustrations and a big dose of Christmas cheer. 

She wrote the book after reading the Sunday New York Times and read a story about protecting Santa from COVID-19. Because after all, he is in a high risk group, lol. The book goes beyond mask wearing, social distancing etc., to actually impress upon the kids that there are simpler things in life. What matters the most of course. It goes into depth about how the holiday will be different this year, how to have an honest conversation with your kids about what is happening in the world in a way that is understandable and not frightening and what families can do to make the world a better place.

This book comes in hardcover ($17.99), paperback ($12.99) and ebook ($2.99) and is sold at www.santainasnowglobe.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

The book Remember to Smile is another book written about the pandemic and also makes another great children's gift to read this time of year. It was written by Shannon Q McDonald and discusses how scary it can be to wear masks now and normalizes it by making it fun, adding a silly touch. This way children see it as something funny and silly instead of scary. It actually illustrates different ways to wear them and use them. This book is a 300 word children's book intended for children 2-6 years old. It rhymes and is easy for parents and children to understand. 

This book retails for $12.00 and is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Happy Holidays!

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In the age of Covid19 young children are having to experience so many new, confusing, and sometimes scary things. More and more places are requiring they or the adults around them wear masks, including their schools and pre-schools. This book adds some silliness and laughs around mask wearing to help young children see masks as something funny and not scary. It does so by describing and illustrating all the different styles of masks, characters that wear them, when you can wear them, and 'interesting' ways to use them. Colorful and funny illustrations bring the book to life and will have kids giggling on the floor.

REMEMBER TO SMILE is a 300 word children's picture book intended for ages 2-6 years old. With rhyming and rhythmic text, it makes reading the book aloud even more fun. Now more than ever young children can benefit from books that encourage laughing while featuring the new and strange realities we are living in right now.

Things looks a bit different these days as we go out and about, especially for those little ones that are headed back to daycare or school this fall. As our kids start to see and wear masks it can be a somewhat confusing. With the help of some giggles and a wiener dog, perhaps children will become a bit more comfortable with the idea of face masks.

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